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Contemporary Bathroom Furniture from Sonia – new vanities, consoles, mirrors and more…

Specialising in modern sophisticated vanities, the new collection of contemporary bathroom furniture from Sonia bring elegant character and charm to luxurious bathroom. Individually crafted, the Sonia bathroom furniture is made of durable high quality materials like marine grade wood, monofiring white ceramic and thermally tempered glass. Transformed into simple elegant furnishing, these sensual materials create a seductive air of refinement. The beauty of fine furniture brings a glamour to modern bathroom. An encompassing collection of furniture and vanities, the new Sonia Bathroom Furniture offers distinctive character for contemporary interiors.
Sonia City Walnut Bath Collection
In the Sonia City Collection a strong horizontal element helps create an open frame design. Thin slender legs support each end between which runs a thin tabletop. Beneath this surface, the City Vanity features a wide stave patterned panel that conceals a convenient storage drawer. Available as either a single or double vanity, the light walnut finish lends a bright warmth to bathroom design. A perfect pedestal for beautiful vessel basins of crystal or ceramic, the warm walnut providing a distinctive contrast. A simple and elegant design, in the City Walnut Bath Collection Sonia bring a warm refinement to your contemporary bathroom.
Sonia City Wenge Bath Collection
While the beauty of the walnut finish can’t be denied, when the same vanity is made using wenge it gains a cool sophistication. Perfect for monochromatic interiors, the dark wood has a strong presence and refined elegance. The dark wenge of the Sonia City has a smooth shine that reveals it’s natural grains for a soft subtle detail. When paired with pale walls and white ceramic basins, the contrast in materials and colour accents the simple forms of the City Wenge Bath Collection. With a masculine sophistication and modern minimalist style the Sonia City Wenge Bath Collection offers a serene and contemporary elegance.
Sonia Atic Ash Bath Collection
Dark woods are also used to bring a serene sophistication to the Atic Ash Bath collection. A wall-mounted vanity, the Atic Ash is a small compact unit. Crowned with a rectangular band like basin, the Atic Ash console combines glass, wood and ceramic for a modern palette of materials and textures. The consoles front panel features a panel of smooth Ash which frames a frosted piece of glass. From behind this frosted glass panel a hazy view of personal items and toiletries is revealed. Offering a huge capacity the large spacious drawer features two removable trays which makes organising you bathroom easy. A simple rectangular design that balances aesthetics with function, the Atic Ash Bath Collection by Sonia captures a practical urbane style.
Sonia Atic Flowers Bath Collection
This same simplicity can be an elegant form on which to use organic flowing patterns. The dark wood cabinets of the Atic Flowers Console feature a single door of thermally tempered glass. Beneath its high-gloss gleaming finish, Sonia displays a beautiful sweeping serigraph. A monochromatic design, the free-flowing leafy pattern grows across the glossy black surface for a refined decorative style. When matched with the sharp lines of the ceramic basin, the black and white unit achieves a timeless glamour. The Sonia Atic Flowers Bath Collection blends classic decorative styles with sharp modern design for a timeless elegance.
Sonia Nouveau White Bath Collection
Another unit that captures a timeless grace and elegance is the Nouveau White Bath Collection. Blending the curving forms and decorative art found in antique furniture with the simplicity of modern minimalism, the Nouveau White Vanity achieves a unique elegance. Standing on sculptural sweeping legs, the Nouveau White Vanity supports thin white vanity top which seamlessly sweeps into an elegant basin. The light cabinet front features two simple doors finished in a nearly textured pattern. The sweeping foliage adds a subtle decorative style, for a glamorous effect. A wonderful addition to the Sonia Contemporary Bathroom Collection, the Nouveau White Bath Collection brings the beauty of fine furniture to modern designs.
Sonia Europa White Bath Collection
Finally the Europa White Bath collection, offers an abundance of space within it’s drawers and sliding doors. A rectangular cabinet, the Europa Vanity features two frosted glass doors that slide back to reveal towels and toiletries. Beneath these doors the Europa Vanity provides two white drawers ideal for storing towels and sundry. A brilliant white unit is topped with a gleaming white counter top and features a seamlessly integrated basin. A unit that embraces its function in a simple form, the Europa White Bath provides storage and modern style. A part of the Contemporary Bath Collections, Sonia has captured a unique personality and charm in each design. Each unit offers an individual character and presence, providing an ideal Sonia Bath Collection for any modern home.


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