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Bath furniture from Novello – contemporary bath vanities

Gorgeous contemporary vanities that feature soft sweeping curves, the new bath furniture from Novello offer a soft minimalistic style. With over fifty years experience crafting fine bathroom furnishings to exacting client standards, Novello offers both quality construction and distinctive contemporary designs. Their unique sculptural designs create free flowing forms that recall smooth running water. A fantastic addition to contemporary bathrooms, Novello vanities celebrate rich colours and soft sweeping forms while retaining their modern simplicity.
Klass vanity from Novello
Full of warm natural tones, the Klass Vanity has a soothing serene presence. The Klass Vanity front ripples like a rolling wave, the bending wood accents the cabinet’s sculptural form. Upon the natural oak rests a crystal rame wash-basin and counter. The thin translucent vanity top smoothly dips to form a seamless basin. The glossy fawn vanity top adds sparkle and shine to the natural warmth of the sculpted wood. Designed by A. Arter & F. Citton, the wall-mounted Novello Klass Vanity captures a fluid natural grace.
Superellisse Vanity from Novello
In contrast, the free-standing Superellisse Vanity uses bold colour over a tall rounded plinth. Brilliant red lacquer doors wrap around curving cabinets, which conceal thin curving shelves. Accented with gleaming metal, the Superellisse Vanity has a vintage inspiration and classic glamour. Crowned with an oval ceramic wash-basin, the pristine white material adds a sharp contrast to the vivid lacquer doors. Designed by Marco Piva, the Superellisse plinth design is paired with a floor-mounted faucet for a clean and uncluttered look. Blending timeless style with simple geometric forms, the Superellisse Vanity from Novello brings vibrant glamour to contemporary bath furniture.
Trend vanity from Novello
Finally in the Trend Vanity Novello combines their free-flowing forms with bright bold colour. The wall mounted vanity sweeps out from the wall creating an organic curving counter top before seamlessly flowing into the tall convex cabinet. Finished in a shocking pink matte lacquer, the Trend Vanity has a luscious gleam. An A. Arter & F. Citton design, the Trend Vanity features an integrated lilac crystal top that creates a seamless basin and counter. Fantastic bath furniture that creates a bright and bold contemporary statement, the Trend Vanity by Novello captures a vibrant and vivid charm.


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