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Incredibly Artsy Home Interior Filled with Color and Unique Details

Panamby by Fabio Galeazzo Design is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil and is an incredibly artsy home filled with color, graffiti style art, geometric shapes and some incredibly unique details.
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Right from the moment you enter the home, the foyer showcases a framed street art style piece that wraps around an inner corner as it looks down on a tiled floor in 7 different geometric stripes made from hexagonal shapes.

As you enter the main social zone a small ceramic stool pays homage tot he geometric floor with its turquoise and white diamond pattern.
A few feet further in to the living room the turquoise color is repeated in a stunning 50s style, upholstered chair covered in butterflies.
The butterfly chair is part of a seating arrangement grouped around an egg shaped void that is the fireplace.
The lavender sofa in the living space is backed by a highly polished purple credenza that reflects the pattern in the floor. This credenza acts like an extension to the wall, creating a division to the dining room it overlooks.
The dining room looks out over the terrace to the Brazilian view beyond and walls of glass slide and stack out of the way creating an uninterrupted connection between the dining area and the terrace.
Next to the terrace is a fun lounger made with padded linear shapes that add in another geometric layer to the room.
A black powder coated frame holds the padded sections of the lounger together and this black metal frame detail is repeated in the mermaid display table next to it.
Behind the dining room is the kitchen and barbecue areas, both of which can be opened wide to create a continuous floor plan or closed up via sliding doors to present more private work zones for the chef. Both areas also feature hexagonal tiles but the bold colored stripes do not make it to the working zones. They do however seem to surge into the space like an incoming tide.
The floor tiles in the kitchen may be a subdued shade of grey but the counter tops and counter to ceiling backsplash make up for it with their zesty splash of red.
The kitchen can be accessed through the dining area or through a door next to the foyer which leads to a small hallway that holds the oven and microwave.
One of the most unique artsy pieces in Panamby is a very artsy credenza positioned under the stairwell by the kitchen entrance and next to the dining room.
Although the art on the credenza features realistic looking flowers, a human mouth and drips of red, the overall design is very abstract. It just makes you want to stare at it to try and understand it. Although I’m not sure there is anything to understand.
The stairs that lead to the private volume might be functional but they too make an artistic statement with their zig and zags.
While steel stairs made from one continuous plate are not unusual, they usually travel from tread to riser to tread but these unusual geometric stairs travel from tread to side support to tread.
The master bedroom is also colorful but features softer, more relaxing shades of blue, grey and yellow. It does have its busy moment within the pattern on the headboard wall, but this lively display is out of sight the owner is ready to sleep.
The master bathroom is the only space in Panamby that is void of color and pattern preferring instead to showcase a stark, all white room with not even a frame around the mirror. That said, check out the faucet and taps!
Even the shower is void of detail choosing to once again focus the attention on the hardware.
The downstairs guest bathroom is completely different. What a unique and unusual mosaic pattern, There are hammers, birds, bugs and even a mouse on the floor and that vanity is so cool! It’s amazing what you can with modern small bathrooms.
Gabio Galeazzo Design.
Photography courtesy of Fabio Galeazzo Design.
Panamby by Fabio Galeazzo Design is an incredibly artsy home and this and other homes that are filled with tons of creative ideas are so much fun to live in, visit or just look at, without loosing their functionality.


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