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Tons of Creative Ideas in One Temporary Penthouse Design

Located on the top floor of a 3-storey retail and office building in Ghent, Belgium, Dift designed a temporary Penthouse living space to be functionally fun by using only items that are easy to install and remove without sacrificing creative design. The final result is a contemporary living space that anyone would want to live in, no matter how temporary the arrangement is.
One of the main issues when creating a temporary living space is the lack of ceiling lights in just the right places, Dift worked around these limitations by choosing lighting fixtures that are designed to be draped across the ceiling and down a wall to where a plug is located.

Playing off of the theme of temporary suspension, an indoor hanging seat called the Cageling suspended cage chair was hung from the ceiling.
Millwork was created using solid sheets of veneered woods that can easily be removed and adapted to a new location.
Shelf brackets where used to create open shelving.
Large expanses where turned into mini art galleries.
A temporary kitchen was created using commercial grade modular stainless steel units.
To define the kitchen zone the wall behind the Stainless Steel units was painted a bold black.
Vintage windows where used to close of counter space, or open it up depending on the need.
The dining area continues the vintage theme within the table and chairs, the map and the new but retro looking light pendant complete with Edison bulb.
The buildings exposed radiators play a large part in the over all “look” of the penthouse.
Sheets of veneered wood where also used to create four bedrooms within the wide-open floor plan.
Windows where created within the temporary walls to allow the natural sunlight to continue through the newly created rooms into the heart of the penthouse. When the sun goes down, drapes are drawn shut to private privacy.
Bedside lighting is suspended from the ceiling on either side of the bed.
The wood paneling was painted white in one of the bedrooms.
The white room suspends its bedside lighting off of the wall rather than the ceiling.
A zoo of animals is suspended from the wall and ceiling on the other side of the room.
Continuing the bedroom whimsy is a large wall graphic of a bouquet of flowers that appears to be using a file cabinet like a vase.
The third bedroom features a vintage bed and chair and both wall and ceiling slung lights.
Across from this bed is a giant chalkboard with large wood posts as legs, except the legs are not touching the floor.
The fourth and final bedroom has a sparser design, as though it is still a work in progress, It even uses a paint splattered step ladder as part of its decor.
Photography by ROS
We love how Cageling looks in this temporary living space, indoor hanging seats are such a fun way to bring design into the upper levels of a room and when used in a warehouse style loft they add just that extra bit of fun and whimsy that can humanify a space.


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