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Antique Flagstone Tile from Paris Ceramics – Straight from French Country Homes to Yours

Talk about luxury – these antique flagstones from Paris Ceramics are the epitome of classic style and elegance. This exquisite line of antique flagstone tile has been quarried from the seventeenth century, imported from the Languedoc region of France to bring luxury and character into your home. Originally used exclusively for flagstones at the grand country houses in the south of France, these products have since been reclaimed by small bands of gypsies that share control of this precious stone with Paris Ceramics, making it one of the few types of antique flagstone that the company consistently supplies. Known for its consistency of richness, texture, and patina, this flagstone tile typically comes in varying tones of golden-beige. Available in Antique Blonde Barr (large hand-shaped flagstones typically laid in coursed lengths) and Antique Dalle de Blonde Barr (random sizes), these old world tiles are a charming, and even romantic, flooring solution for a modern household. Paris Ceramics


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