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Ann Sacks Aura Glass Tile Collection – incredible color captured in glass

It takes a skilled artisan and a designer eye to capture incredible color like this in glass. Ann Sacks brings both to her new Aura glass tile collection. Made using the fusing process, the tiles trap dye within the glass, which eliminates the chance of fading and discoloring and ensures your tiles and color choices look beautiful for years to come. The Aura versatile collection comes in a variety of shapes including square, rectangular and hexagonal, and is available in a variety of sizes to suit any space, any application. And with names like Lava, Exotic Ocean, Deep Blue Sea, Golden Maple and Desert Sands, among others, it’s easy to see where this designer got her inspiration. Bring the beauty of nature home with these vibrant, colorful glass tiles. For more info visit Ann Sacks.



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