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Ultra-Thin Cosimo Desk by Marco Zanuso Jr. for Adentro


Designed by Marco Zanuso Jr. for Adentro, the Cosimo desk looks like a smart phone! An iPhone, to be more exact. An iPhone on stilts! Sleek, shiny and contemporary, it's a practical desk too. Built to house a laptop - it has a perfectly-sized open slot to put your computer to bed. And with two side storage drawers - everything gets put away, leaving a smooth and shiny desk that holds it's own with other contemporary furniture. A great choice for small spaces, you can hide your office when you have people over. The drawers even have slots for your pens! The Cosimo can serve as an end table or even a small serving table in a pinch. It's a clever desk - contemporary and suggestive but not overt. It's just about perfect - the only thing missing is Siri!


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