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Yellow Sofa Decorating Idea

This yellow Ruché Sofa by Ligne Roset sparks an interesting decorating idea. Decorating with a bright yellow sofa can be tricky, but it needn’t only be reserved for thrill seeking design junkies. The styling of this photograph shows how with a certain type of color scheme a yellow sofa can make a statement without screaming at the top of its lungs. Grey and yellow are a winning combination. They give to each what the other lacks. Yellow is toned down by grey, while the grey develops a richness against the yellow. Add a lot of sleek white to freshen up the room and add to the modern vibe. There are some metallic details in the room; some pick up on the grey while others give off a copper look, making that yellow/orange decorative vase fit in nicely. A little pop of blue keeps the room from looking too coordinated, and is a good choice as it is a complementary color to orange (and orange is closely tied to yellow) and plays with the blue in the grey. This color scheme is not only interesting in terms of making a yellow sofa right at home, but it is also cool and warm at the same time. Generally, we tend to think of color schemes as one or the other, but this is both. Cool effect.
via Mixr.



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