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World’s First Concrete Rocking Chair

Swing by German design studio Paulsberg represents the newest limit concrete furniture has come to reach. When you think “rocking chair” you imagine something soft and cozy, and yes, Swing is all that! The striking 5 mm thin carbon fiber-reinforced concrete structure is padded and upholstered in comfortable-feeling bio-leather. Another layer of leather is applied to the rocking base, in order to insure the protection of the floor. All these characteristics combine to create an amazing piece of furniture that is ergonomic and fun.The concrete shell comes in two shades of grey, which are stone grey and mouse grey. It weighs 30 kg approximately, and the dimensions are W 60 cm, H 80 cm and D 80 cm. Swing is handmade and available as limited edition of 100 pieces.It takes up to six weeks to manufacture and deliver and it is available to order in selected shops in Germany, UK and Austria. Swing is definitely a design that rocks!



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