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The O so sassy Swing Chair by Iwona Kosicka

I love a fun design, and the Swing Chair by Iwona Kosicka is not only fun to look at – its fun to use! The “O” so sassy seat boasts a minimalist aesthetic, which usually means quiet, and reserved – something this chair definitely is not. Made from solid bent oak wood, Swing is at home in just about any room of the house, including a balcony.

Wherever you decide to have a Swing, make sure there is plenty of room to have some fun with it. Photo Source.
Although the whole idea of Swing is to use it kinetically, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little quiet time on it as well. Photo Source.
The simple “O” design is available in black, white, brown and natural. Photo Source.
The finish applied to the oak is a combination of linseed oil and bee’s wax. Photo Source.
With a diameter of 110cm, the depth of the seat is 13.5cm. Swing has a Stainless Steel mount with a carabiner hole to suspend it from. Photo Source.
How you suspend it is up to you. A stainless steel rod, a thick mariner’s rope, a chain link in a fun color, etc. – the choice is yours. Photo Source.
You can get your exercise swinging vigorously or rock gently back and forth with a favorite furry friend or baby on your lap or don’t swing at all, just enjoy dangling your legs above the floor. Photo Source.
Iwona Kosicka
The Swing Chair is a sleek and sassy modern take on a hanging chair and it would look pretty awesome next to the classic Bubble Chair by Aarnio Eero.


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