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Hanging Bubble Chair by Aarnio Eero – 1968 design of the future

Lately, you may’ve seen this chair a lot… Created by Finish Designer Eero Aarnio in 1968 the original Bubble Chair is the hottest thing now and it’s looking like the latest cutting edge design. This hanging chair is the ideal place to loose yourself in a good book or to simply drift off to sleep in mid air – it’s so comfortable. Made of clear acrylic and chromed steel, the Bubble Chair is still turning heads today with its revolutionary design. Shown on the right – Aarnio Eero daughters in bubble chairs. Eero-aarnio

It features removable cushions and hangs from the ceiling on a 6′ chain and snap hooks. The cushions are vinyl or leather or other colored fabrics. This spherical chair produces an interesting effect – it swallows the sound and you feel isolated inside in a pleasant way, even when in a crowded place. Get it with a rotating hook and further enhance your enjoyment of the 42″ diameter hanging bubble chair.
Designer Aarnio Eero in his Ball Chair


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