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Wood and Copper Mobile Kitchen by Miras

A versatile selection of five units that are composed of copper, natural wood and marble are the backbone of this unique and exciting designer kitchen by Miras. While the materials are exciting enough, it’s the mobility of the five unit that makes FLOAT really come to life. Each piece is a detached individual unite that can be located anywhere – making it perfect for the modern home.

With none of the five units requiring a wall behind them, FLOAT can be positioned to enjoy views and/or social zones. No longer does a chef have to face a wall while creating culinary magic.
Aside from being highly functional, FLOAT is also a sculptural statement that will add an artistic value to any space.
The drawer beneath the main work surface contains trays for utensils and can be accessed from either side of its island, making it easy for two cooks to work at the same time – without bumping into each other.
The short cabinet is designed to hold appliances, such as the oven or dishwasher, but can just as easily be used to store books and accessories.
Natural wood hooks and shelving are easily positioned on any wall or backdrop. If you prefer your kitchen as an island, the short cabinet can include a screen divider.
A tall cabinet with a sliding mesh screen is incorporated into the design as transitional piece that can easily blur the lines between the kitchen and dining or living spaces.
A second tall cabinet features tall legs and a beautiful round copper tray at leg level.
Just as with the low cabinet, this leggy cabinet can easily be used to hold books and accessories and will be a stunning addition in any room.
The FLOAT serving cart is a fun and modern composition that is super functional as well.
The choice of copper, natural wood and marble make FLOAT a timeless combination of natural materials that will stand the test of time.


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