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Whirlpool Tub from Albatros – the Thalia Oval airpool tub with back lumbar support

An ergonomic bathtub of comfort and luxury, the Thalia Oval whirlpool tub wraps you in soothing churning water. A compact free-standing whirlpool tub design that cradles you in comfort, the Thalia Oval becomes a centre of well-being in your home. A brilliant example of new Italian whirlpool tub designs, the Thalia Oval supports your legs above you body for the ultimate relaxing repose and most benefit from the action jets. Featuring five whirlpool jets, four rotating dorsal and 14 airpool valves the Thalia Oval offers a Lympho-drainage program, a Pulsating program and an ozone airpool. There are even four rotating jets for a decadent focused foot massage, a wonderful treat after long days and walks. A fantastic addition to your daily life, the Thalia Oval Whirlpool Tub by Albatros wraps you in rejuvenating comfort and luxury.



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