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Shower Whirlpool Air Tub Combo from Albatros – whirlpool, airbath and shower column in one Forum Bioproject Turbopool

Offering the best of both worlds, the Forum Bioproject Turbopool (whirlpool and airbath in combination) offers the convenience of a shower with the comfort and relaxation found in Whirlpool Tubs and Air Tubs. The shower whirlpool air tub combo creates an open and spacious bathing area that provides a much needed refuge from the world. The deep sinking tub is edged by two glass wings between which stands the shower column. The Bioproject whirlpool air tub combo Turbopool featuring four programs for revitalising, toning, firming and one for anticellulite, in addition to three types of hydromassage. Finally with chromotherapy and essential oils the Forum Bioproject Turbopool offers a decadent experience for all the senses. A glamorous bathing space, the Forum Bioproject Turbopool from Albatros creates a haven of tranquillity in today’s busy world.



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