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Luxury Air Tub from Albatros – the Rossovivo Air Tub

Modern and futuristic, the Rossovivo luxury Air Tub by Albatros makes a dynamic display of depth and colour. With a rectangular open frame, the angled form of the translucent bath is revealed. Available in Ice Red, Ice Blue and Ice White, the Rossovivo Air Tub bubbles and churns with the swirling water. Made of semi-transparent Lucite Ice and with two soft Technogel headrests, Albatros have embraced new technology and materials to provide cutting edge comfort. Featuring 14 remote controlled Airport jets, the Rossovivo Air Tub offers a full body massage in a sleek modern design. Combining translucent colour with a gleaming stainless steel frame, the Rossovivo Air Tub by Albatros combines modern luxury, sophistication and unexpected originality.


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