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Cool Corner Bathtub by Albatros

bathtub suri albatros 3 Cool Corner Bathtub by Albatros
We just have to share these cool corner bathtubs by Albatros named Suri. The corner installation makes it unique in the sense that it allows a wider range of options for your bathroom set up and can easily become the focal point of the room; which poses no problem since it looks so cool with its simple modern lines and timeless appeal. The rounded interior is also a nice design choice and has a velvety soft touch. But Suri is more than just a bathtub, it’s a wellness tub. Equipped with 7 whirlpool jets and 12 airpool valves that when turned on gives the effects of a lymphatic drainage massage for instant relaxation an rejuvenation. Find out more at Albatros.

bathtub suri albatros 2 Cool Corner Bathtub by Albatros



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