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Steam Shower cabin from Albatros – the Atrium spa shower with starry roof

Luxurious warmth beneath twinkling lights, the Atrium spa shower makes a striking statement in bold vibrant colour. A sculptural enclosure of curving glass panels, the Atrium spa shower offers a multi-functional showers space. With plenty of space in which to stretch out or share, the Italian shower cabin offers several luxurious therapies. From the steam shower cabin and the three rain effect shower heads to the light therapy and aromatherapy, the Atrium spa offers the modern definition of relaxing. For a luxurious addition the cabin features an intensive heat treatment. With heated glass panels that preheat the cabin and wrap you in waves of soothing warmth, the Atrium is comfortable even in winter months. With a final flourish the Atrium studs the enclosure ceiling with a spatter of ‘stars’. A brilliant free-standing spa shower, the Atrium by Albatros offers a crisp and clean modern style packed full of luxury warmth and comfort.



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