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Pop Model Floor Lamp from Terzani – futuristic lighting

Yesterday we wrote:
“Tell us what this is! … Click on the image to enlarge. All we know is that it’s by Terzani, and it’s named ‘Pop Model’. We are guessing for now that this could be:
– a self-propelled shopping cart?
– a Russian flying saucer parked vertical (it may only seem small…)
– a new USB port replicator from USB ‘enthusiasts’?
– a new Intel chip in 1,000,000 to 1 scale?
– an iPod portable charger?”
Today, we’ve found the answer…

What is it? This was my thought when I first saw it… With its cool name and a very futuristic look, the Pop Model floor lamp from Terzani will sure spark some alien debate or just be a nice conversation piece. The enclosure is metal, finished in Chrome. There are two wheels and a clear plastic handle for easy moving around. It’s designed to handle 6 x 40W E14 bulbs at 230V (Europe) and 6 x 40W E12 bulbs at 110V (USA). It’s almost 20″ long, 5″ wide and 21″ high. Terzani


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