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20 Animal Shaped Lamps for Nature Lovers

Designers can really express themselves through lighting and the range of styles run the gamut of everything and anything, even birds, bugs, animals and fish. With the focus of interior design now all about bringing the outdoors inside, the designs that are inspired by nature are really taking center stage and it’s these 20 wildly exciting animal shaped lamps that have caught our attention.
TI.VEDO is an owl shaped lamp for walls and tables made from white matte ceramic by Matteo Ugolini Designs.

I just love the eyes! Source
With these cute cat shaped lamps (above) by House of MiCha, the black cat is given a whole new interpretation – “instead of meaning something ominous, it is a bearer of light”.
They cat lamps can sit, stand, walk, and stretch, just like your typical kitty.
The MiCha collection consists of four different poses. Source
The Monkey Lamp comes in three versions, standing, sitting and climbing. Both versions are so much fun and whether used singularly or together they are sure to be a major conversation piece.
What an awesome light to use within a landscaped area. Source
The Fish Lamp by Frank Gehry was first created in 1984 when he was experimenting with Formica and accidentally dropped the laminate. He used the broken shards to create the fish scales and the rest as they say is history.
Whatshisname‘s Good Dog lamp is supposed to make you uncomfortable and it certainly does me – and yet its part of everyday life for us dog owners. As uncomfortable as this lamp makes me, it also makes me smile and I like smiling.
These whimsical giraffe lamps are by Leanter. The way he turned the giraffe spots into voids for the chord to meander through is just genius. Source
Neon never looked better! This Blue Bird light pendant also comes in pink and is the design of McCollin Bryan.
The Fox Table Lamp is part of the Gunnar Soren Petersen “Gren Light” series. It has an operable nose that dims or brightens its ears depending on which way you turn it.
The Howling Wolf by Sturlesi Design is part of their new Full Moon Night-Light Collection. There is nothing like the sound of howling wolves talking to each other with their voices echoing across a body of water and that’s what I think when I look at this beautiful art piece.
The Concrete Elephant Lamp is part of Sturl Design’s laser engraved iLLumite collection all of which are handmade.
While the illuminate collection consists of many images, it’s the safari series like this Concrete Rhino Lamp that really intrigue me. I love how the LEDs glow from the engraved geometric lines.
The Richard Dog Lamp by Formzoo Design for Vinyl Fondue is another dog design that has a somewhat uncomfortable aesthetic. It’s an in your face doggy pun with a sense of humor.
LumiNose is a minimalist dog shaped lamp by Elizabeth Zimmerer that is held together with only four screws and wingnuts, even so it can be adjusted to sit up straight, stand at attention, lie down and even get in the “let’s play” position.
Rat a tat tat, Leti is a pendant light by Studio Macura that comes with a 3D woodpecker that clips onto the light’s cable.
So simple, so beautiful. Source
The Buzz on Swarm Light by Jangir Maddadi is that it is a fan favorite.
Swarm has such a natural appearance that it is hard to believe it was man and not nature herself that designed these pendant. Source
Pop Up Lighting by Bikoyski Design has its muse in pop up books and while the folded origami style aluminum deer heads pop up, that is not the only exciting thing about this design.
The other exciting aspect to the Pop Up Lighting is the fact that the Deer’s antlers only appear when the light is turned on.
Polly got a cracker? No? How about a little kinetic luminance? The Perch Light by Umut Yamac is not just a lamp but a rockin sockin handmade paper parrot that is activated by touching the brass perch. When touched or blown on by a breeze it also sways back and forth.
This dog of a lamp is the design of Egle Stonkute, it’s shiny white coat is laser cut Plexiglas and the brightness of the inner LED is decided by whether Trololo is sitting up pretty or standing at attention.
Another pretty pooch light called Dog Lamp by Matt Pugh uses a lampshade for its head. Inspired by Matt’s dog Sampson, it is safe to say that Sampson thinks this design is fur-riffic!
Duck Lamp also by Matt Pugh as with his Dog Lamp has a beautifully carved Dark tulip or oak wood shape for its body and comes with either a white, red or tasseled lampshade.
The Medusae Collection by Roxy Russel Design is inspired by the fragility of the ocean’s Eco-system. It is her concern for the amount of plastic that finds itself in the ocean that pushed her to use PET, a recyclable plastic as the material for this collection.
A flat pack, lightweight design, these jellyfish lights make a multi dimensional, powerful statement. Source
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