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Whimsical Table Lamp by Leanter: Giraffe Inspired

Lamps stand tall on desks so why not use the visual of the tallest animal on our planet to represent a table lamp? That is exactly what Markus Oder of Leanter did when he created this whimsical table lamp – the Giffy. Rather than going for a straight visual representation, Markus instead chose a whimsical approach that is sure to bring a smile to all. I know I smile every time I look at these fun and colorful lamps.
The idea for the Giffy Table Lamp came to Markus after looking at a photo of giraffes standing next to Acacia trees surrounded by the colors of the sunset on the Savannah in Central Africa.

Markus realized that there is no one better than nature when it comes to combining beauty and function.
Standing 45Hx17xWx34Lcm the body is made out of 18mm thick birch plywood so as to bring a little bit of nature into the lamp.
The shade is made from 1.5mm thick powder coated aluminum in either pink, red, blue, yellow, orange, green or black.
The beautiful pattern on a giraffe’s body has been reinterpreted as voids within the birch plywood and the 1.5m long color matched fabric covered chord casually winds through it. A simple on/off toggle is positioned on the chord where it would meet a tabletop.
Handmade and using an LED bulb, the table lamp is fun, functional and definitely beautiful. Leanter.
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