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15 Unique Floor Lamps To Round Out Your Home’s Lighting

Whether it’s something funky inside the playroom or something more chic and contemporary inside the living room, when you have extra, open spaces you automatically need more light to guide the way. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered if you’re on the hunt for styles that are a bit outside-the-box of traditional home decor. These 15 unique floor lamps will round out your home’s lighting by being both functional and super fashion-forward as well!

Warisan Lighting features this stunning branched-inspired floor lamp that we were so in love with at first glance that we had to feature it here. It appeals to those with more boho styles but also those that love the feel of modern art accents hidden throughout their home. This piece is as much an art addition as it is functional.

The “Cosmos” floor lamp from Land of Nod is another modern favorite on the list. It’s chic, it’s incredible unique as it truly gives the boot to tradition and it can fit inside a variety of rooms with ease. The living room, the bedroom, or even inside your home office, it can help light the way and add a punch of contemporary styling.

Have you ever seen a floor lamp with so many layers? Over at Fantastic Viewpoint, you’ll find this beauty in all its glory. There’s something a bit more youthful and trendy about this piece. It’s definitely fit for modern spaces but can vibe well within studio apartments or even chicer dorm rooms.

Anthropologie  hit the nail on this head with this contemporary design as well. A bit on the pricier side, but with every penny, this floor lamp is an online exclusive. And pay attention to that beautiful, marble base it has – the details are what make this piece so special.

Contemporist showed off this wooden-inspired piece and we scooped it up as well. It’s got more of a modern, traditional shape but the way it’s been created holds the key to its uniqueness. This could easily make a farmhouse home a bit sleeker or a modern home a bit cozier with its blend of styles.

Modish Store have this super innovative design that we fell in love with. Not only are you getting a fabulous, farmhouse-inspired floor lamp but you’re getting one with built in side tables as well. Perfect as functional pieces in smaller spaces or as a means to display some of your favorite “artsy” accents.

For something extra youthful and fun, check out this awesome design that we found while visiting Land of Nod. Perfect for a nursery, a playroom, or just something unique to have in your craft room, this balloon floor lamp is such a great piece! And those pastel colors will blend with all kinds of neutrals and accents around the house.

For a bit of a nautical flavor, think about adding some beachy vibes in and around the house in an offbeat way. One of those ways would be with this awesome, rope-stemmed floor lamp that we found at HGTV. It’s got a traditional topping and unique, surprising body that both you and your guests will love.

This tripod floor lamp will be a fun addition to the house as well. Whether it’s in the bonus room or the movie room, it’ll be something that you’ll love to add to the spread. Check out this design and all of its details over at Pottery Barn.

Urban Outfitters helps us out on our unique floor lamp adventure with this “Kima” beauty. It has a definite casual vibe and one that’s a bit bohemian in flavor. We love the geo-shaped shade as well that meshes the entire design with a more modern style.

Add a bit of boho glam to the kids’ space with this cadiz shell design from PB Teen. Of course, this look would be great inside of a charming home office, but it’s definitely got a youthful aura that’s perfect for youthful spaces. It’s also extremely affordable, so take the leap and check it out.

Not all floor lamps have to be really tall! Just take the hint from Ikea with this “storuman” design. It’s a paper lamp that creates a soft, romantic glow in a unique way.

The bottoms of this floor lamp is where all the innovation lives. This design can be found at World Market and help to carry a modern twist around your traditional home. Those hairpin legs also pay homage to chic, vintage styling as well.

If you want to hop on over to Anthropologie you’ll be able to take a peek at this beautiful design. It’s chic, it’s modern, and it’s quite sophisticated as well. The brushed gold and sleek shape will fit in to all kinds of spaces around your contemporary home.

And finally, over at Delightfull you’ll find this beautiful, marble floor lamp. It comes in multiple finished such as copper and black, copper and black, and nickel and black. Its art deco appeal is what had us falling in love at first glance.


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