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Fun Ways To Decorate With Gold Finishes

Many associate gold finishes with “outdated décor:” however, the beautiful finish is coming back and with just the right amount of character. Decorating with metallics as become quite the trend, but one hue that stands out from the rest is gold. It’s a great way of bringing a worldly charm without overbearing the room. This guide will help you add gold finishes to your home without taking away from your preferred decorating style.

Upgrade your hardware

When in doubt, consider spray painting your hardware with a subtle gold finish for that luxe feel without the pricy price point. Consider adding soft hues to make the room feel as put together as possible.

Have an older bathroom? Many older bathrooms have exposed hardware, which can make the room feel a bit old-fashion, this can easily be fixed by simply changing your plumbing to gold ones. Having plumbing/hardware with a gold finish can instantly bring an upgrade to any room while feeling fresh and new. It’s the simple things when it comes to gold finishes that make the biggest impact.

Gold Lighting

Having a bold aesthetics does not mean you can’t go just as bold with your light fixture. It means you need to be smarter, that is where a daring gold fixture will come into play.

Ever considered changing the light fixtures in your home to golden ones? If so, this is the time to do so! Gold light fixtures can be the perfect golden element for your home, not only is it chic and daring but it adds a fun pop of color. The idea is to have the home feel trendy yet cozy- gold does just that in a minimalist manner.

Gold Fixture in the Kitchen

If you have a minimal kitchen having gold finishes displayed throughout can add the character you need to make the room feel bolder.

If you have never considered having gold fixtures in the kitchen its time to do so. Gold fixtures not only add color, but they add natural texture to the room. Additionally, gold fixtures add a sense of simplicity with just the right hint of uniqueness. The key is adding a few gold fixtures in the room and allowing them to make a statement on their very own. Furthermore, these gold bits will not interfere with the décor you already have they will only enhance it.


Gold stools add a seamless, elegant approach that make the room feel modern with just the right amount of luxury.

When it comes to barstools have ones with a gold accent can make a huge difference in your kitchen. Not only do they add a royalty feel to your décor, but they add a little hint of something extra right where you might need it. Consider this one of the best ways to display a touch of gold right where you need it. You want your stools to make a statement on their own, so they work extremely well in a minimal room.

Just a Hint

Adding a slight hint of gold in your dining room can bring a unique appeal right where you need it most.

When in doubt hints of gold add just the right amount of flare. Having the slight hints of gold will make the room feel brighter with just a kiss of vintage. One of the perfect ways to achieve this is by sprinkling gold in multiple different spaces. With a sprinkle of gold here and there you will create a gleam of color throughout the entire room giving you a modern approach.

Console with Gold Accent

When in doubt consider having a minimal gold console for a beautiful contrast that brightens the room in an overall manner.

Give your living room a feminine makeover by having a console with gold accents. The gold accents will brighten the room while also adding a unique aesthetics. Consider painting your current console with gold for a quick DIY makeover or you could add gold décor on top of your console for a similar approach. Pair your gold accents with daring colors to further brighten the room.

Maybe a Side Table

A simple gold console can make a world of a difference in how your decor is felt in the room.

Side tables are still on trend. We love the idea of having a side table with gold accents. Much to our ideal’s gold has an intricate edge to it due to how versatile it can be. The main key is adding in hues that will make gold look and feel as authentic to its true self as possible.

Gold Mirrors

When selecting your mirror, it’s important to take into account- the larger the mirror, the more space it will take up, while a smaller mirror will not make as much of an impact.

Not ready to commit to gold furniture just yet? Add a small dose of the color with a gold mirror. Gold mirrors are great due to how chic and elegant they can be while still being adaptable. The key is working with a large piece that stands out from the rest yet has a soft underline feel to it.

Wall Décor

A bold gold fixture in the dining room can make the space feel modern and unique.

Don’t limit yourself when it comes to decorating with gold. Sometimes all a room needs is a hint of something unique and intricate- that’s where gold wall décor will come into play. Add gold wall décor to emphasize the room and the current décor you have. Keep in mind, gold décor is powerful, so you want to maintain the room as authentic to its true self as possible.

On the Bar

A simple gold cart will make a big statement anywhere you place it, particularly when you are trying to entertain guests.

Give your bar a Midas touch by adding a golden touch. When doing so, you want to take into account how big your space is. The larger your bar, the more gold you want to add in order to make the area come back to life, whereas the smaller the bar the less gold in order to keep the area cohesive. Furthermore, you might want to have an entire gold cart as your bar to make the room come to life.

Which of these ideas in your favorite? Share with us below.


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