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Edison Bulb Light Ideas: 22 Floor, Pendant, Table Lamps

Edison bulb light ideas may have been around for a while but never have there been more creative table lamps, ceiling lamps, floor lamps and pendants. And bulbs! The bulbs themselves have matured into dozens of different styles, colors and designs. Just when you think they’ve thought of it all, out comes another Edison bulb with more twisty, curly filaments. And another housing so unique, you wish you’d thought of that. We’ve done the searching for you and found 22 of the greatest Edison light ideas out there. These are the brightest of the bright.
Edison light bulb shapes (above) keep evolving. And more bulb styles means more fun, creative design ideas. Source

Edison Ceiling Lights, Pendant Lights and Chandeliers

From Edison Light Globes of Australia comes this SteamPunk beauty. Have you ever seen anything this campy-industrial before? We love this manufacturer (product available in USA).
This Edison bulb chandelier light was designed into an East Hampton beach house by renowned interior design firm, Chango & Co. We love all the dangling bits. But it really is a simple chandelier when it comes right down to it.
This is the Atomic Lounge Recycled Chandelier from the Moonshine Lamp Company. Kinda fun, isn’t it?
Another fantastic Edison light bulb idea for a hanging lamp fixture from Edison Light Globes.
These weathered wenchhooks are perfect for repurposing into a rusting hanging light. From Omega Lighting.
This urban industrial hanging Edison bulb light is simply stunning. These pieces are becoming art as much as they are lights. Source
If you want a little more traditional for your Edison bulb light idea, you could try this Sutton pendant light from Birch Lane.

Edison Bulb Wall Lamps and Sconces

X marks the spot with this beer bottle Edison bulb light wall sconce from Zal Creations.
This Edison bulb light wall sconce is created by HanorManor. Wouldn’t this look incredible in an industrial-style bathroom? Look at that pipe detailing.
This very modern industrial wall sconce is from NewWineOldBottles.
This twin Edison bulb light wall sconce is from Artifact Lighting.
And this is a great Edison bulb wall light idea for Halloween – a skull sconce! From Moonshine Lamps.

Edison Bulb Table Lamps

This antique style Red Electric lantern can be an industrial table lamp or a hanging lighting and comes with Edison Marconi filament bulb. The lantern was originally designed for kerosene, but since was recycled and upcycled into an electric lamp. Source
Love the Engraved Wood Desk lamp – it is handmade from real hardwood and can be engraved with a monogram, clip art, logo graphics, anything really. Source
From New Edison Vintage comes this funky vintage red fan light with Edison bulbs.

Edison bulb light builder Dan Cordero did a fantastic job on this table bell lamp.

Recycled Revival took a simple idea and made a great piece. Wire a railway lantern, add an Edison bulb and you’ve got a great light idea. It’s a table lamp and a hanging lamp all in one. Great for outdoors.
Dan Cordero again. Here’s a great Edison bulb table lamp idea – it’s made from a 1920’s Atwater Kent Type E Speaker.
Stephan Hubert’s Edision bulb light table lamp is a work of art – reclaiming New York City.
And a marine themed Edison bulb table lamp from Reclaiming Creativity.

Edison Bulb Floor Lamps

From Peared Creation – what will certainly be remembered as the iconic Edison bulb light floor lamp.
This industrial plumbing Edison light pipe floor lamp is by Down the Pipeline.
See more plumbing pipes furniture designs.
To wrap it all up – one thing to remember. No matter the season, no matter the party – be it a wedding, a Christmas shindig, a New Years Eve party or a Midsummer Night’s Dream soiree. Don’t forget – you can’t go wrong with Edison bulb ideas!

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