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Cheap Ways to Update Your Kitchen

The average kitchen remodels costs upwards of $20,000 for an average upgrade, and over $60,000 for luxury, that is with a set budget. It’s quite the expense when you take into consideration all the things that need to be done and the labor that will go into it. There’s no question about it, it’s a whole lot of cash. However, the good news is you do not need to invest so much when there are a few cheap changes you can make. Here are a few cheap ways to update your kitchen whenever you decide to do so.

Time for Pattern

 Cheap Ways to Update Your Kitchen
Bring in a patterned wallpaper to make the kitchen feel as grand and fresh as possible. You want to bring as much newness as possible.

While most of us love pattern or already have a pattern in the kitchen, it’s time to revamp what you already have. Whether you use a floral print that is calling your name or a vintage rug with a fun pattern is completely up to you. However, you want to remain in the same color palette for the perfect outcome. The idea is to brighten the room and have it feel grand while remaining on the cheaper end. If you want to mix patterns you want to remain in the same color family.

Floating Shelves

 Cheap Ways to Update Your Kitchen
Connect your floating shelves to further expand the room and make the room come to life in a welcoming manner.

The kitchen is one of those areas in a home that can always make great use of additional space. When in doubt on how to add more space, bring on floating shelves. Floating shelves are great due to being able to make them out of anything in the home. If you have additional rustic ledges simply sitting around bring them to the kitchen and give them a purpose. Doing so not only gives you more space, but it adds a modern touch.

Colorful Stools

Instead of painting your stools one color consider having an array of shades to truly make the room come to life.

Hear us out with this one, metal stools are one of the most inexpensive pieces of furniture you can purchase. Furthermore, they’re mainly sold in sets. Due to this, we love the idea of taking them one step further and painting them. Bring a vibrant vibe to your kitchen by having rainbow stools. Simply use spray paint and select colors that liven up the room.

New Pendant Lights

Instead of having one or two light fixtures, consider having 3 when you truly want to make a big impact.

Though the eyes are the window to the soul, light fixtures are the eyes of any room. Keeping that theory in mind, you want to consider changing your current light fixtures for new pendant ones. The right kind of pendants can make any room feel grand, while still evoking a new type of vibe in the room. Furthermore, contemplate having matching pendants for the best outcome.

Fresh Paint Job

Paint one of your walls a bold hue to make it the spotlight of the room.

Nothing brightens a room more than a fresh paint job. Whether you change your décor completely or you simply add a bit of décor here or there, changing the color up will expand the room completely. Consider painting your kitchen a fresh, vibrant color for a beautiful outcome. Furthermore, use that new color as a brighten feature that makes sense to the room’s overall aesthetic.

Kitchen Island

Bring a modern twist to your kitchen, by having a fun island that brightens the room’s overall aesthetic.

If you do not have an island yet have always been interested in having one, now is the time to do so. They’re not as expensive to have, plus they bring a cozier vibe to the room. Furthermore, they’re easy to decorate around without taking away from what you already have displayed. Keep in mind, you will have to purchase additional seating for the island, so you do want to take into consideration your budget.


A simple cabinet can easily be transformed into a pantry by adding a few shelves and displaying exactly what you need.

Though most of us would love to have a pantry not all of us have one. If you have closet space in your kitchen and can’t figure out what to do with it- turn it into a pantry. It doesn’t have to be extremely big or overbearing, you can simply save space while transforming what you already have. Keep in mind, you can also take a small area and make it into a smaller pantry space.

Get Rid of Your Table

If you have a smaller kitchen add a round table to allow the room to come to life while flowing effortlessly.

One of the main elements that can make a room feel dingy and even old is a worn-out table. Instead of changing every item in a room, consider swopping your table. Bring in a sleek table for a grandiose appeal that makes sense to the room. Pair with fun chairs that adds a crisp vibe to further enhance that there is something new in the room.

Display your Fancy China

Display as many plates as possible in order to create a seamless approach with all the chic aesthetic.

Why keep your fancy china hid away when you can display it? The idea is to have your fancy items displayed the proper way without taking away from your décor. You want to take a cabinet, remove the front and showcase them as best as you can. Furthermore, consider painting your cabinets to bring a brightening effect in the chicest form.

How do you update your kitchen without spending too much money? Share your ideas below.



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