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Walter Knoll Lazy Island – or a corner sofa!

As children, we all love to make cozy dens, and as adults we still love the kind of comfortable, slightly concealed space that the Lazy Island from Walter Knoll provides. We can pretend that it’s just a grown-up and sensible sofa, unfolding the square to make two convenient seating areas in the corner configuration… but we all know that the Walter Knoll Lazy Island must be at its most wonderful when it is shaped into a lovely big square island of repose. The corner sofa provides fantastic relaxation when it is rotated into the more traditional sofa set up – however the ultimate in sprawling luxury is certainly when the two adjustable wings in the backrest are rotated to make the lazy island. Smooth, modern design means the sofa looks great in both positions. Add the fun of this functional indulgence to your living room with the Walter Knoll Lazy Island.


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