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Skin and Skeleton Chairs by David Adjaye from Knoll

From the team of architect David Adjaye and modern furnituremaker Knoll comes this new set of chairs, the Skin and Skeleton, designed in similar form to one another but completely contrasted detail. Part of Knoll’s Washington Collection (inspired by Adjaye’s work on the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture) the Skin and Skeleton work in tandem to modernize spaces both indoors and out.
The Skin, with a curving and ergonomic profile, is constructed of nylon and comes in a variety of bright colors to accent any number of paint schemes or outdoor surroundings. It’s at its best on your deck or patio, sharing space with a similarly modern table for gatherings.
The Skeleton, while shaped in the same way as the Skin, represents a marked contrast to the bright and social theme of its bretheren. The Skeleton is available with three finishes, all metallic, including a natural copper that allows the chair to patina with age. Its intricate metalwork seat is a work of art inspired by the mathematics of Adjaye’s architecture and blended with African American cultural influences, and the chair represents a suitable eveningtime companion to the Skin, at home next to a bedside table and reading lamp.
Both the Skeleton and Skin are fitting, functional objects to be admired in a modern space, indoors or out. If you want a light, energetic mood, the Skin is perfect; if you’re looking for class and in-depth manufacturing the Skeleton has the advantage. However, when paired together the chairs form a more intricate vision of architecture and design than on their own.

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