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An 8m high cliff face is all that was left of an old quarry in Cracow, Poland. When Mobius Architects first saw the quarry site they where inspired by the lime cliff to create an 850m2 residence that merged with the land formations in a cohesive exchange of volumes that included a pool perched on the top of the slope, a 30 degree roofline that peered above it and a terrace that overhung it. The terrace is part of a concrete framework of geometric shapes wrapping the building and developing the land platforms for an overall impression of a building both revealed and hidden. The visible framework of the residence is a bold statement of angular lines that is emphasized via the reflections within the pool. The angular lines connect two horizontal platforms – or terraces – that are wrapped in tempered glass rails systems so as not to disrupt the visuals of the concrete or the landscape beyond. The lower terrace offers outdoor poolside lounging that is easily accessed from the living zones within the residence.

The tempered glass rail system stops short of the pool’s location for easy access to both the pool and the grassy lawn. While the terrace is narrow it can still accommodate an outdoor lounger complete with chaise and when its time to go for a stroll, concrete stepping pads cross over the water to connect with the grassy slope beyond.
The living room is located just inside of the poolside zone and as day shifts to night; the views of the pool and surrounding landscape are kept alive via the light strips in the ceiling created by the upper terrace overhang.
The living room is surrounded with windows on 3 sides. While the pool offers views on one length, the terrace wraps around to the other side offering an outdoor setting of the grassy slope that is accessible by the living room, dining room and the kitchen.
the terrace on the grassy slope is surrounded by an upper walkway that frames a view of the sky above.
The upper walkway is completely wrapped in a tempered glass rail system
The bathroom upstairs opens up to the upper walkway just above the kitchen.
The bathroom is centrally located and features 3 skylights in its ceiling. Bedrooms on either side contain their own private terraces.
A wood clad wall extends down from the concrete framework, defining the living volumes within the site while at the same time joining two levels of grassy slopes.
Just inside one stretch of the wood walls is a sheltered second pool tucked snugly against what is now a stone clad wall.
While the sheltered pool is designed for swimming, the first pool is a more aesthetic touch. The concrete stepping pads continue through the pool and down the slope adding to the overall geometry of the homes facade and creating a continuation of the lines created by the concrete terraces.
the split levels of the grassy slopes adds an extra dimension to the outdoor lifestyle.
Even from a distance the double level of land is an intriguing addition to the landscape.
Up close the double level creates interesting planes and optical illusions. The privacy terraces off of the bedrooms appear to be pointing upwards while the complete side view of the residence seems to be sliding downhill.
Stepping back the upper grassy slope all but disappears behind the wood clad wall while from this angle the natural limestone formations are visible
The optical illusions of the side view settle into a more settling silhouette as the front view of the home comes into view. Here the limestone formations create a relaxing footprint to the home and the trees in front disguise the angular lines created by the concrete framework.
The residence spans an 8m high cliff face and a winding flight of concrete stairs connects the levels contained within its face. In the evening lights embedded in the stair risers sparkle as they lead the way upward.
Mobius Architecture


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