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Knoll Generation Chair – the first office chair that lets you sit how you want

The Knoll Generation chair is more than just a place to park it. This is the first office chair that lets you sit how you want, thanks to its innovative and industrious design – not to mention ergonomically correct! Seated at a desk, you could be typing, surfing, or chatting on the phone or to your co-workers; sitting up straight or leaning way back. Each workplace action has its own unique set of physical demands, and the Generation line of office chairs has got them all covered. Supporting your every move, the chair by Formway Design features a flexible “figure 8” frame that “gives” as you lean and apply pressure to it in different ways, offering a truly custom comfort experience.
Why we love it
The Generation chair translates to “easy.” The chair requires practically no assembly, arriving in two parts: the seat and base – a fast fit. We have found at least five different easy-adjustment options for a custom comfort level, coupled with good lumbar and elbow support to keep you sitting pretty all day long. The 5-wheel base lets you maneuver it around the room with ease, while offering added stability from its very base. The Flex Back Net backrest cradles your every curve – we can only compare it to sitting in a luxury sports car, with seats that wrap around you to hold you in when the road gets rough. The rich red color and striking, modern aesthetics were the cherries on the sundae.
The award-winning design (recipient of the Best of NeoCon Gold Award for Seating, Interior Design, Best of the Year Award and Chicago Athenaeum, Good Design Award) has received some more rave reviews too – to read them and see the chair in action, click here.
Choose from a range of different colors and finishes to complement any office space. For more information, visit Knoll.



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