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Ergonomic Office Seating : Knoll ReGeneration Chair

We were very proud to get this Knoll ReGeneration Chair in the mail from the
Knoll people who’ve also created the Knoll Generation Chair.

Yes, we’ve reviewed a few of their products, and this Knoll ReGeneration Chair is right up there in the same standards of quality.
At first sit, the ReGeneration Chair is very comfortable with its’ Slim Profile Back Support and feels like you’re in a spaceship-type ensemble complete with fully adjustable features like Arm Options, Flex Seat, Seat Depth Adjustment, Dynamic Suspension Control, Dual Function Lever, Optional Adjustable Lumbar, and a Height Adjustable Footring Lumbar. The The Continuous Lumbar, for example, carries the lumbar support in the back through the design of the arms for comfortable and supported side sitting.
After sitting in the chair for a few months we definitely noticed the difference in how our backs felt. Not only does the Regeneration promote an upright sitting position, it will help prevent long-term sitting related health problems. Very strongly recommended!
Also cool is how “With an eye toward conserving resources, ReGeneration uses recycled, rapidly-renewable and biobased materials and redefines efficiency in both sustainability and value.” So you get a good quality chair, made from sustainable products, and get to feel good about it all at the same time. You can buy the Regeneration chair starting from $676.


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