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Porcelain Enamel Stove from Thelin – the rustic stoves

To warm up this chilly winter season, a Thelin stove might just do the trick. A porcelain enamel stove is an efficient, effective, and stylish way to keep your home toasty when the weather is not. These stoves are available in three versions – gas, wood, and pellet – to accommodate the fuel source of your choice. Although many other companies offer stoves of similar functionality, Thelin is the only company worldwide that produces a round stove with a rustic, “pot-belly” look that adds warmth (literally!) and character to your home. Most models can be vented directly through the wall, especially convenient in conditions where vertical venting is not possible. Thelin also offers six porcelain enamel colors that are available for all of its models. These durable finishes include Ebony Black, Ivory, Teal Green, Cobalt Blue, Burgundy Red, and Rich Brown. Visit Thelin Company website for pricing and availability.


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