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Walnut Bed with Maple Pop-out Boxes – Liffey bed with drawers underneath by Shimna

Country-chic character and built-in storage make the Liffey bed by Shimna a modern urban must-have for the home. This striking bed boasts a substantial design with a strong, natural-grain finish carved from a single walnut slab and topped by a hand-made headboard featuring two tiny pop-out maple boxes perfect for storing earrings or other personal items overnight. Concealed underneath the bed, four maple pull-out drawers provide hidden storage space that won’t impede your aesthetic ambitions, whether your home is modern-minimalist, contemporary-casual or tradition in look. Choose from a variety of hardwoods including walnut, oak, maple and cherry, each with its own distinctive color, grain and look. The standard queen-sized Liffey bed measures 85 inches long by 69 inches wide by 32 inches high, and also comes in full and king sizes. For more information visit Shimna.



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