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Modern House Made of Concrete Boxes

Suggestively called “the house of the red box”, this Brazil residence was designed by architect and designer Leo Romano on a site surrounded by lush vegetation. The building comes to insert itself in the existing slope of the land, creating a minimum human impact. Various concrete boxes take the shape and size that better adapts to existing topography. The main house is a concrete and glass box that has the main entrance and day level at the top of the slope, and the night level at the bottom, invisible from above. This position offers complete privacy to the bedroom area that overlooks the the garden and the pool. On top of the main building, like a nest or observation spot, there is a red concrete box that gives identity to the house. The other box is represented by the pool structure, an elongated box that stick out of the slope, cantilevering above the lowest level of the garden. The top floor contains the open plan kitchen and the living area.The slope offers a platform at the level of the kitchen where an outside terrace could be created. At the other end, the living room is set in a light-flooded corner that overlooks the trees and the pool below.

The main bedroom gives direct access to the lap pool and the garden. The architect wanted to push the concrete frame of the pool outside the slope, creating an original visual effect. The bright yellow deck chairs add a splash of color on the side of the pool.
The living room is the focal point of the house, and it has been fitted with beautiful armchairs and comfy sofas and poufs. A well lived-in atmosphere is given by the stacks of books and magazines spread a bit all over the room, on the floor and on the low table.
The armchairs, with dark wood frames and soft cushions invite to relaxation. Other decoration elements and art works are spread around the room, in an intentionally careless manner which creates an informal atmosphere.
The kitchen consists of a built-in glossy black block and a long island, in concrete and with a black stone counter. Glossy organic-shaped stools are aligned on the living room side of the counter, serving for dining and snacking.
There is a prefect symmetry between the bottom and top floor facades on the pool side. The sliding glazed doors open to let the air in and seems to invite for a dive into the pool underneath.


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