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Wallpapered Foyers For An Elegant Entrance To Your Home

The moment your guests enter your home is the very first time they truly get a sense of your home décor. Keeping that in mind, you want to embrace your decorating style from the very beginning- decorating your foyer with wallpaper is the way to go! From flirty florals to edgy geometrics a wallpaper brings the texture your foyer is missing. The following guide will share with you what wallpapers work best in your foyer space.

Gray Greenery

Gray is such a versatile color that it will make any pattern or color scheme to come back to life, in a more subdued form. 

Having a gray wallpaper with a landscape, greenery appeal is a cool way of bringing the great outdoors directly in, without adding much color. This allows you to continue with your traditional décor but have that texture in a “less” bold manner.

Pale, Please

Choose a pattern that brings a unique touch to the simple pale hue you already have displayed.

While you can already guess we will be mentioning bold, colorful wallpapers we happen to also love the idea of a pale wallpaper as well. A pale wallpaper with a pattern is great to bring beauty and character without all the colorful elements. We love neutral pale hues with bits of darker patterned elements.

Charming Floral

When it comes to florals consider going the neutral direction for beautiful soft display, that does not take away from your decor.

What would this guide be without incorporating a floral wallpaper? We love florals due to how whimsical and wispy they tend to be. Add a floral wallpaper that offers lighter hues, so the room feels put together without the strong colored element. Furthermore, your floral wallpaper should feel as natural to the room as possible.

Bright Florals

When having that bright element contemplate going for a dark wall and having the bright flowers make the statement on their very own.

Due to having mentioned one form of floral wallpaper, we knew we had to mention another, and what better way to do just that than to have a contrasting wallpaper. Instead of having the charming, subtle florals we mentioned above, consider having bright florals instead. Large, bold floral tones are great when you want to bring texture in a unique manner.

Sophisticated Gray

Use a bold gray pattern to make your entryway the highlight of the entire home. Have only this kind of pattern n that area for the biggest impact.

Gray who doesn’t love a daring hue of gray? While it might not seem like the most daring of hues gray is one of the most versatile color schemes you can possibly use. When using it as a wallpaper consider going for an upscale look, this can be done by selecting an elegant pattern.

Metallic Bits

Whether you place it as part of your wallpaper on your actual walls or as part of your ceiling a metallic wallpaper can make that impact the room needs.

Who doesn’t love a good metallic element in the room? If you’re anything like us, then you know metallics can bring a room back to life without the need of adding an abundance of décor. Add a wallpaper with a metallic design weaved into it for a beautiful contrast that is charming and chic but still elegant.

Repetitive Pattern

Regardless of how grand your pattern might be, if it repeats it will appear grander and even more put together than before.

There is nothing as satisfying to a room or open space than having a repetitive pattern. Repetitive pattern is great due to having that cohesive touch that seems to settle a room overall. Not only does it bring a sense of uniformity to your décor, but it looks better in a seamless manner.


When going minimal consider a one color scheme or a textured appeal for a bit of an upgrade on the usual.

Not all wallpapers need to be bold and “in your face” they can be minimal and understated. Minimal wallpaper is great due to allowing you to keep your décor the same, but having that hint of edge. When going minimal consider using a darker wallpaper as the contrast will be big but in a more subdued manner.


Pair your navy wallpaper with other navy bits to bring forth an upgrade of what you already have.

Navy is one of those colors that simply work well together with numerous hues. Whether their light hue or darker shades navy will seamlessly blend in. Consider going for a richer hue in order to brighten most of the room while having a big effect in the space overall.

Extravagant Elegance

If in doubt, go for a stripped touch! Stripes are always a good idea as they bring beauty and expand the room seamlessly.

Go for an extravagant decorative touch go for an over the top wallpaper that makes sense to the room. The idea is to bring an appealing twist that is bold and daring, but does not intervene with your current décor. When going for an extravagant touch bring a wallpaper that is colorful and bold.

How do you typically decorate your foyer? Please share with us your decorating ideas below.


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