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Wall Hung Concrete Sink in Purple by Moab 80

The Elletre concrete sink is the new member of Moab 80‘s collection of concrete surfaces and bathroom fixtures. With its irregular shape, it looks soft and tactile, as if made of play dough. The imperfect look of the finishing brings the object closer to human nature, making it friendlier to the user’s eye. The friendly aspect is also increased by the warmer look of this material compared to the cold shine of ceramic sinks, but also by the organic, rounded shape. The washbasin can be either wall hung or placed on a surface. If wall hung, the thicker side of the walls of the sink can be used to place soap or other products. Besides the more classical white or black versions, Elletre comes in a range of other colors, among which Purple is the most surprising. It would look amazing if combined with a purple shower tray from the same concrete collection! Elletre has a versatile design, which can easily match different interiors designs. It will unquestionably bring color and substance to any bathroom!





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