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Moab 80 AIS Sink – All Inclusive Sink

moab 80 sink ais 1 Moab 80 AIS Sink   All Inclusive Sink
Clear minimalist thought has created the stark Moab 80 AIS Sink – an exciting new all-inclusive sink. With careful regard to maintaining a clean linear aspect throughout, the Moab 80 AIS Sink entirely eliminates the need for a faucet. Rather, the water system is totally integrated to allow a mini-waterfall within the sink, gushing down from an unseen source under the ledge. Strong, bold lines are the focus of the sink – presented in a pure, impressive white. A metallic cube-shaped handle adds interest at the right corner… simply push the handle away from you to release the stream of water. Looking to the future with its fantastic hidden water sheet construction, the Moab 80 AIS is a compelling all inclusive sink.
moab 80 sink ais 2 Moab 80 AIS Sink   All Inclusive Sink

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