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Suspended Cabinet from e15 by Philipp Mainzer – the Shahnaz & Mahnaz wall-mounted cabinet and drawers

Beautiful suspended cabinets, the e15 Shahnaz and Mahnaz wall-mounted units transform plain walls into an engaging living space. These suspended cabinets are made from richly detailed wood planks, the fabulous grains add contrasting shades and tones to the smooth simple surfaces. Available in two styles, the Shahnaz Cabinet features two square doors, while the Mahnaz offers two wide drawers. Perfect for hiding away magazines and clutter, while displaying your favourite photos or decorations on its table like surface. Both Shahnaz and the Mahnaz cabinets share the same dimensions making them easy to arrange into the ideal unit for your space. Available in Oak or Walnut, the Philipp Mainzer designer furniture from e15 is suspended from the wall, blending the line between furnishings and home. Buy e15 furniture.


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