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Upcycled Wine Barrel Vanities with Hand-Hammered Copper Sinks

There is nothing more decadent for a wine lover than to have a re-purposed, upcycled wine barrel as a vanity. I want one to use out on the covered deck as a bar sink, never mind the bathroom! But the bathroom is what it’s built for and it’s highest use. Picture it in an old restored farmhouse, or in the restroom of a wine bar. The sink itself is hand-hammered, recycled copper from Mexico – true artisan work. The barrels are from Napa Valley and air-dried in Arizona for two-and-a-half years before being repositioned. Arizona furniture designer (and master craftsman) John Koering transforms these premium oak barrels into stunning (and practical) furniture. The doors to the cupboard are located where the spout used to be, and are on self-closing hinges. The faucet is solid copper with oil rubbed bronze finish and also comes in single spout (the bar sink!). Whichever finish you choose, whichever sink you choose, know this: You’ve chosen a fantastic piece of furniture that has a story to tell.

The sinks are made from recycled copper and hand-hammered in Mexico.
The hole is where the spigot used to be!
Choose from finishes – to match your own style.
More information: Premier Copper Products


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