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20 Unique Bookends For Yourself Or Your Bestie

Whether you’ve got your own library at home or you want to jazz up your mantle in an offbeat way, some stylish bookends should be warmly welcomed. And thankfully, it’s easier than ever to find a set with some personality and original appeal. Below you’ll find 20 unique bookends for yourself or good enough to gift to your best friend! Take a peek!

agate bookend set jonathan adler 900x900 20 Unique Bookends For Yourself Or Your Bestie

Jonathan Adler starts us off with this gorgeous geo set. If you like something with a more raw, natural beauty, dress your bookcase with these. They’ll look great on the mantle too!

giraffe black bookends 900x900 20 Unique Bookends For Yourself Or Your Bestie

We’re loving this modern silhouette design found at Uncommon Goods. If you’re an animal lover and are inspired by giraffes, which symbolize “grace,” you may want to take a second look here.

Paul Cocksedge Shop has an “invisible” bookend that we’re swooning over. It’s modern, it’s innovative and it’s perfect for those that have a more minimalistic style. It’s also a great idea for those without a lot of space to work with.

Amazon has a great collection of unique bookends to choose from. Starting with this modern, knowledge piece that doubles as artwork for the home!

If you visit Amazon again, you’ll find this clever silhouette as well. Those with a sense of humor will want one of these for the house. And it’s too perfect for those with a cleaner, more minimal style.

You can find some creative bookend designs over at Etsy as well. A simple “quotient” could be a great way to “end” a row of books, don’t you think?

Whether it’s for the kids’ play room or for those with a quirkier, more colorful style, these kittens from AliExpress are so adorable! Add some color and personality to the bookshelf with one of these cuties.

Pinterest always inspires and has a tendency to find some of the most unique ideas. And that includes these bookends that double as fish bowls! Create a funky, new home for your fish!

Not On the High Street sells these charming vinyl record bookends that we love as well. There’s a vintage vibe here that fits in with those that love a more edgy or industrial energy.

These tiny chairs are quirky and sweet too, don’t you think? We’re loving the inspiation behind this mantle and all the ideas in showing off our favorite reads. (via)

Etsy has these cuties up their sleeve as well. Again, they work for a child’s playroom or another space in the house that needs the addition of some quirky flavoring.

BHG showed off these fabric bags that blend on the bookshelf. They do their job as a bookends but provide a softer and more subdued style.

Over at Anthropologie you can bring Moby Dick to life with this whale bookend. It’ll look great on bookshelves but also great on coffee tables or mantles as well. And we love that kind of versatility.

Here’s another fun idea we found on Pinterest. Vintage phones can easily be turned into bookends with a bit of DIYing.

Who loves mermaids? These trendy characters can be found over At West End and bringing in some fairy-tale like quality to the house or at least this particular nook or cranny.

Yellow Octopus went with a more trendy design as well. Unicorns are hot right now and these gorgeous pieces would be a beautiful addition to a play room or teenage bedroom.

Keep your cookbooks neatly displayed on the counter top with some bookends that pay homage to the space. Thanks for the perfect inspiration, again, Pinterest!

Pier 1 has some great option as well. This antique bike would look great inside your home library, home office or even downstairs in the man cave surrounding by a bit more masculine energy.

Pineapples symbolize “welcome,” so why not welcome people over to the bookshelf? Amazon has these beauties available for us – and don’t worry, you can add a bit of color to them if you’d like.

And last, but not least, if you visit Etsy again, you’ll find one of these golden rhinos. Add some glamour and personality to the bookshelf with a find like this!