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Ultra Modern Leather Sofa from Borzalino – Nobel

Make an ultra modern statement at home with the cool ‘Nobel’ leather sofa from Borzalino. This contemporary sofa features cushions and pillows upholstered in luxurious, supple leather, and finished in a creamy neutral tone that suits any space, any style. The chunky stitching illustrates Borzalino’s keen eye for detail that makes this piece a must-have for the modern home. Armrests of highly polished steel peek out from behind the cozy couch cushions and add a sleek, understated elegance. Suited to large homes and compact urban spaces alike, the Nobel sofa comes in three sizes: the three-person sofa measuring 225cm long by 103cm wide by 81cm high; the two-person sofa measuring 190cm long by 103cm wide by 81cm high; and the armchair measuring 80cm long by 103cm wide by 81cm high. Alone or as a matching furniture set, Nobel is sure to wow! Check out this modern leather sofa at Borzalino.



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