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Trendy Shabby Chic Ideas You’ll Want to Try ASAP

The shabby chic style has been around for quite some time. The beauty of having a shabby chic design is it has the ability to update any old furniture and have it appear new once again. It is also great for homeowners that enjoy adding DIY pieces into their home. Shabby chic is the perfect combination between vintage, retro, antique, modern, and fresh decorating styles. It adds a touch of all these styles wrapped in one. This allows you to have a modern home that is trendy yet shabby chic all at once. The following trendy shabby chic ideas will make you want to redecorate your home and add them in asap.

Mix and Match

If you are not a fan of the wooden look you might want to consider painting it a different color. The key to painting wood is applying one coat at a time. If you do it this way you choose if you would like to have a vintage faded appearance instead of a fully colored one.

Do not be afraid of mixing and matching different furniture colors, finishes, and styles. When it comes to creating a shabby chic, space having a mixture of finishes works exceptionally well. Wood works well because it comes in numerous different finishes that can be customized to your personal likely. Add in a colorful dresser or nightstand along with bare wood tables in a bedroom for a shabby chic display.

Hint of Vintage

A faded desk makes a perfect accessory for your kitchen especially if you need an extra room for storage. Use a faded wooden desk in an all-white kitchen for the ultimate contrast that adds to the shabby chic decor. If you decide to paint your desk consider leaving some faded spots for the best outcome. 

Shabby chic would not be “shabby chic” without hints of vintage throughout the home. The kitchen is a great area to add vintage elements in because of how laid back it tends to be. Add a few vintage elements such as a wooden sign, a few vintage dishes, and/or wooden stools. These vintage elements added into a pastel, and/or white kitchen will off the shabby chic twist you desire.

Feminine Finishes

An awkward corner can be an excellent breakfast nook when it is done correctly. Keep wooden elements as organic as possible this will provide the shabby chic theme an upgrade. Maintain the rest of the decor as simple and neutral as possible to complete the look. 

Having a feminine twist is quite essential when you are adding shabby chic into your home. A feminine touch means having pastel colors all throughout the home. This will give the home a softer appearance that is still trendy. Add a chandelier and pastel shades to an awkward corner to create a space that is versatile with a feminine twist, this space can be considered a breakfast nook, a reading corner, or even a relaxing seating area that extends to your living room.

Shades of White

Shabby chic does not mean the space is not modern it means the space is a little more laid back. Have a calming space that is neutral yet has a few key pieces. You may want to have a few accent chairs for a bit of color. If you have a few bits of color you will begin to notice the room appears larger and more put together all at once.

The color white is HUGE in shabby chic décor. It is considered a staple when you are decorating with this style. You want to have multiple different shades of white including off-white. The idea is to have a crisp and clean layout that can be easily incorporated into the home. Add white linen, have a white sofa, or any other white bold statement pieces into the space for the shabby chic feel.

Built-in Bench

Once you have a built-in bench you will be able to decorate it any way you would like. In fact, you can take your built-in bench and create a small breakfast nook. You can even transform the bench into a seating place where your guests can sit and speak to you while you cook.

Having a built-in bench anywhere in the home is always a great idea because of how versatile they are. Add a bench in any space of the home for an added seating area. One specific area of the home you may want to consider having a built-in bench is near a large window. A large window can provide the ultimate space for a bench as it will cause you to want to use the space more often. To further enhance the space, add a bench cushion with a floral print to bring the entire look together.

Fresh Linen

A linen cabinet is great especially when you use it in the bathroom. The bathroom is an excellent area for this because it allows you to display any bathroom utilities in a unique and put together way. You can even have your bed sheets displayed in any area of the home when you have a linen display.

There is a freshness to a shabby chic decorated home. Which is why incorporating fresh linen adds to the richness of the décor. Have fresh linen displayed in your bedroom instead of stored away. Displaying the linen will bring together the idea of having crisp lines and colors throughout the home. You also want to have your bed sheets be crispy and white for the same added linen effect.

Charming Furniture

Shabby chic furniture is great to have because of how easy it is to decorate around. Have a neutral table with white or other neutral accessories. This will maintain the shabby chic decor intact while still adding to the space. Clean and crisp pieces will work best. 

What exactly are charming furniture pieces? Charming furniture pieces are items that are contemporary enough to be charming, yet are not what you would typically see in a modern decorated home. You want to have clean pieces that make a statement without needed much enhancement. You do not need to stick to an entire white color scheme instead you can use color with crisp lines.

Aged Headboard

 If you decide to have an aged headboard you may decide on going the DIY route. The DIY route allows you to use different kinds of wood instead of having a headboard. Use two aged doors for the best DIY results do not use paint for a worn and aged feel that is shabby chic. 

If you are looking for one item to transform your entire bedroom into a shabby space having an aged headboard may be the only thing you need. An aged headboard will give you the shabby look while still being very chic. Consider using doors as a replacement for your headboard. They add a unique twist that enhances the space all at the same time. Pair it with a chandelier for the best effect.


Even in the bathroom when working with a shabby chic decor wood is essential. Consider having bold wooden peaking through. You may also want to consider having a unique chandelier instead of a traditional one for a twist that is easy to achieve it. Add color with a few flowers to keep the space neutral with a few pops of color. 

Chandeliers are an excellent addition to a shabby chic home because of the upscale look that they add. Have a simple decorated home and add a chandelier this will give the shabby chic décor a twist. You can even have a chandelier in the bathroom if you choose to do so. A chandelier in the bathroom provides an edgy, chic feel.

Color Mix and Match

If you do not want to have more then one bold color consider using multiple different hues of the same shade. This will give you the contrast you want without using multiple different colors. This is an excellent way of extenuating one specific color while pairing it with other neutral shades.

Color is another great way to add a shabby chic feel to your home. Use bold colors that work well together such as blue and pink or green and orange. Although, they are contrasting colors they work well in a shabby chic setting. Having an accent chair in a bold color will also work just as well in the space.

Shabby chic is very much on trend. Which of these shabby chic ideas will you be incorporating into your homes décor? Let us know your ideas in the comments below.


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