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11 Colors That Will Totally Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive

You don’t need a huge budget when it comes to changing the appearance of your bathroom all you really need is a color change. The idea is using the right hues will brighten up the bathroom and give it an elegant look. Keep the space as chic as possible with one of these colors.

Go all White

We love the idea of an all-white bathroom that has everything put together but still looks chic and clean but feminine all at once. The beauty of this is if you decide to add pops of color they will appear brighter than usual. 

Nothing screams elegance quite like white, it is crisp, clean, and aesthetically pleasing which is always a plus. The beauty of this is keeping an all-white palette or a mostly white palette will make the space appear larger and more put together while still being elegant. Use white furniture or an all-white décor for the greatest appeal.

Navy Blue

Navy blue is a bit more masculine but when paired with hues of white or light colors it will become softer and gentle instead of this bold hue that takes all of the attention. The idea is to keep the space chic and elegant with a warmer color palette. 

If you love the idea of a more masculine bathroom that is still elegant navy blue is the perfect hue. The idea is to pair the darker, more masculine colors with softer shades that blend perfectly well. Doing so adds to the beauty of having a masculine shade be a spotlight.

Shades of Gray

Gray is perfect for a bathroom that doesn’t need much revamping just a few touches of color here and there. Include multiple different shades of gray for that color pop of color diversity that makes sense even with the most feminine decor you may have.

Gray comes in multiple different shades which is why it is such a popular color. Pair different shades of gray with neutrals for a balance that simply works in the bathroom. This will give the space a softness that is also elegant and well put together.


Spa-inspired bathrooms are easy to work around because they are typically chic and beautifully put together. Have blue shades that compliment the trendy decor. There is something charming about multiple hues of blue that feel spa-like yet contemporary.

The most expensive bathrooms are typically always spa-inspired. With that being said using a monochromatic palette is the way to go. However, you do not need to use neutral hues only consider adding shades of blue for the perfect softness that feels luxurious.


Don’t be confused by “different” shades of gray, greige is a different shade of color. Its the perfect in-between hue which brings your bathroom together while still making sense of the decor you already have. Pair the hues with a simple and clean outline for the best outcome.

Greige is a perfect repetitive hue. Which means you can have your counters and cabinets painted this hue without disrupting the décor. You can even have the color repeat on your walls as well for a well-rounded appeal. You can also add shades of white to balance between the two.

Pop of color

Orange is a beautiful color to use in the bathroom because it works well against any neutral. Especially with hues of gray. Gray is such a versatile color it will give the shades of orange a beautiful background to work against. Choose shades of orange that have a yellow undertone. 

Chic, trendy and unique is the perfect way of describing a bold hue in the bathroom. You want to have a color that will work well in the space while still being relaxing. The bathroom should be trendy yet relaxing at the same time. Therefore, having a balance is key.

Colorful Glass Tiles

Colorful glass tiles work because they bring color while still being perfectly chic in the bathroom space. The idea works perfectly when paired with darker colors of furniture as well as high shades that compliment each other. 

If you are remodeling your home, glass tiles are a must especially when they are colorful. Colorful glass tiles are amazing because they are offer color in a unique kind of way. The key is using repetitive colors while still having a custom feel to the room.

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are beautiful because they are regal and elegant, especially when they are paired with metallics that blend well into the bathroom area. Keep the space as cool and collective as possible. The beauty of it is it will completely change the appearance of your bathroom.

Do not forget your powder room. The powder room tends to be forgotten because it’s an extra room in the home that may not be as used as the others. The key to working with bolder statement hues such as jewel tones. They are easy to work with while having a touch of unrefined elegance.

Consider a Wallpaper

The beauty of wallpaper is that there is an endless amount variations to choose from. It is also easy to apply which means you can apply a new theme and color whenever you feel the need to revamp the space. This works perfect for a full bathroom or even a powder room.

A little bit of wallpaper can go a long way, especially when It is a bold hue that works well with the décor you already have. Consider having the wallpaper be the statement piece of the bathroom space. You want to have it become a bold piece that accentuates the space overall.

Vintage Pink

Do not be afraid of the color pink especially in terms of a vintage hue. Consider using the color in a wallpaper for a rejuvenated look that upgrades the room completely. Perfect for a powder room that needs a touch of newness. Add a touch of metallic to complete the look. 

Pink is a beautiful hue that is sometimes misinterpreted, especially when it is seen as a feminine feature. However, when paired with darker, richer tones of furniture it provides an upgrade that is vintage yet put together especially in the bathroom space. The idea works well because its feminine and fun while still elegant.


Burgundy is the perfect shade of red because it is so deep and rich that it feels elegant and luscious while still being put together. The beauty of this shade is that it works well with numerous different decor pieces, especially light furniture.

Rich hues of burgundy paired with beige or crisp white bring a bold feature into the bathroom that cannot be duplicated. The idea is to have a rich space that makes sense in the space that you are in. Keep the area crisp and neutral with pops of elegant burgundy.

It may be time for your bathroom to feel more elegant than usual. Which of these are you interested in using in your home? Please let us know in the comments below.


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