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White Bathroom Designs That Will Inspire Your Next Renovations

White is chic, sharp, modern and the perfect color to brighten your bathroom space. If you have been eyeing your next bathroom renovation or are looking for inspiration the following bathroom designs are sure to inspire you to want to change your aesthetics to a more crisp and airy space.

Marble Extravaganza

Marble is beautiful on its own or as an additional texture piece which works exceptionally well in the bathroom. Use as part of your bathtub wall or even as part of your vanity or sink area. Consider having them in both places for a well-rounded look.

Marble is the perfect addition to white décor because it’s not only white, but it still has a texture that adds visual appeal. Add marble on your vanity, as an accent wall, and/or even as your bathroom sink. Doing so will bring a textured touch while still being in the white color scheme.

Farmhouse Touches

Farmhouse styling is perfect for a white bathroom due to that classic home appeal that it is well-known for. Add wooden features throughout the space to really bring out that farmhouse feel. Consider a blonde wood vanity with double sinks to enhance your decorating style.

White comes in numerous different hues. Therefore, if you are fond of white, but don’t want to use bright shades of white consider darker shades of white such as off-white, grayish white, or even beige white. These colors work well with a farmhouse touch. Add wooden ship artwork, a standalone tub, and/or both for that traditional farmhouse feel.

Chic Bathroom

A standalone tub is the perfect addition to create a chic atmosphere that is still relaxing and fun. Consider having a standing tub along with a standalone tub for the best outcome. You may even want to add marble flooring to have that well-rounded look.

Paint your walls white and add a standalone tub with copper touches. The idea of a chic bathroom comes from having a modern renovated space with classic touches. Add a stool next to the tub for an elegant touch.

Spa-like Feel

A spa-like feel is perfect for a relaxing touch that is still full circle. Consider adding chic curtains that allow lighting to come through but still have an undeniable softness to them. Contemplate adding large mirrors for an adding hint of beauty.

What better way to renovate your bathroom than to add a spa-like feel. Hues of white are perfect for a spa-like aesthetics because of how calming it is. Keep the décor simple and sensible, but have structured lighting pieces that are calming. Accomplishing this will give you that spa-like feel in a perfectly functional way.

Minimalist is Best

An extravagant white bathroom may not be for everyone. Which is where a minimalist bathroom will come in handy. The key is working with a few statement pieces and allow them to make a bold focus. Add glass doors to your standing tub to seamlessly expand the space.

A minimalist design paired with crisp white elements brings a royal feel to the bathroom with a hint of genuine calmness. White tiling can be the perfect addition to this type of bathroom because it creates a seamless appeal that flows in an airy manner throughout the area.

Beach House Styling

Farmhouse decor can be used all over the home due to how versatile it is. Which is why so many homeowners are drawn to the style. This is exceptionally true for the bathroom area. Use darker wood or even a few pops of aqua blue for the perfect farm house appeal.

Beach house styling is quite popular this time of year, because of the weather. Therefore, if you have a smaller space this decorating style could be perfect, especially when it is paired with stark white décor. Add rich dark wood to create a seamless contrast between the two hues and have a rich beach house aesthetics. Additionally, consider floorboards on the ceiling for a grander effect.

Pop of Color

Blue is the perfect addition color when you want to bring a space back to life with as little bit of different hues as possible. Consider having a statement wall with a rich blue pattern. Doing so will bring a calming effect while still having most decor piece be white.

A splash of blue could be exactly what the space may need for a vibrant appeal. Having an all-white space can be a big “too” bright, but when you add pops of color it becomes a totally different atmosphere.

Flowers and Art

If you are not fond of flowers in your bathroom space consider simply adding art pieces that add color and help bring your personality to the bathroom space. You may have a standout wall piece with vivid hues that come together beautifully to have a simple display.

Flowers and art make excellent accent colors and textures. Slight pops of color take any bathroom from regular to extraordinary with a hint of vivid hues. Add floral arrangements throughout the bathroom to bring the hues full circle.

Bring in the Light

Any room could make great use of large windows, especially the bathroom due to it being a tighter room. Allow your windows to make the statement they are intended to make by placing your bathtub directly in front of it. This will elevate the space while still giving you that undeniable tranquility feel to the room.

Have an open space become the ultimate relaxation space in the bathroom by bringing in the light. Open windows, remove curtains and allow the beauty of the great outdoors in. If you have little to no windows, consider adding extra lighting for that boldness that comes throughout even without outdoor lighting.

Fashion Forward

Mosaic tiles are excellent when you want to add color and pattern. The best way to do so is to have it in the shower space. The shower space is perfect for laying out color and pattern, especially if you have glass doors. Glass doors allow the color to come through even in the most minimalist way.

Fashion forward is the best way to upgrade a white space. Especially when you want to work with hues of white, but in a more modern way. The best way to do so is to add mosaic tiles to the space in a unique pattern. Executing this will bring a perfect foundation for the white pieces in the room.

Keep it Feminine

Adding feminine touches to the bathroom is perfect when you want to have simple decor that brings in that essential touch of softness. Keep the space simple and clean for the best outcome.

Feminine, airy and light is perfect for a white space, especially in the bathroom. The key is using off-white hues and adding crystal pieces such as a chandelier, a vase or even both. You can also add crystal mirrors to complete the look. Take it a step further by adding pink touches for an extra added feminine twist.

A classic white bathroom design could be the renovation you may need. Do have a white bathroom, that you have upgraded? If so, please share with us some tips and tricks you have learned along the way.


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