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How to Properly Decorate With Shades of Blue

From pale shades to navy dreams blue is not only a gorgeous, powerful color that makes a statement and is said to bring luck but it is also a beautiful color to decorate with. Even though it is an excellent color to decorate with it can be intimidating to most homeowners. In order to change that we have found easy ways that will help you want to add these watery hues to your home today. Here are a few ways on how to properly decorate with shades of blue.

Create a Bathroom Spa

To your blue bathroom consider adding a chandelier for the complete spa feel. You may also want to pair your blue walls with dark wood furniture. This will cause the blue hue to stand out and appear bold in front of the dark tones.  Choose a soft blue for the ultimate relaxing feel. 

One of the many things spas, all around the world have in common is most of their bathrooms have one or more shades of blue.  The color blue is known for having a relaxing effect on many people because of the connection between blue elements such as the sky and the ocean. Add a spa feel by decorating your bathroom with blue accent items or painting a wall the color blue. Stick to pastels and light tones for a calming feel.

Add It to Your Kitchen Cabinets

The secret to an elegant upscale look in your kitchen is the color blue. Blue cabinets give the kitchen a vibrancy that is difficult to recreate with any other color. Choose a blue that has tints of gray for the upscale feel you want. If you want a brighter take on this look choose a pastel blue instead.

Kitchen cabinets have come a long way from where they used to be when it comes to color. They typically were beige or white always. Now we are experimenting with color a lot more. Add a grayish blue shade to your kitchen cabinets for a softer taken on decorating with blue.

Bold Is Best in Pattern

Can’t decide on what blue pattern to add to a room? The answer is simple choose stripes. Vertical stripes are great for any room because of how they elongate the space which causes the room to appear larger. Use dark hues to create a contrast when it is paired with light tones. 

Blue patterns are great because of how neutral they can turn out to be. Even though blue is a powerful color when it is mixed with other shades it takes a softer twist. Choose to add a bold patterned wallpaper in your living room or even have a patterned blue rug for a rich twist on a classic color scheme.

Bedroom Walls

Lighter blue shades offer a calming effect so much so that when paired with light toned furniture the space seems to feel calmer and even larger. Keep the rest of the room as neutral as possible to give the walls the focus they deserve. You may even want to add little accents around the room in the same shade as the wall. 

If you are in need of a color change in your bedroom consider the color blue. Lighter shades of blue work great with neutral furniture. Meanwhile darker shades pair great with dark furniture. The contrast helps create an expansive feel to the room.

Bring on the Cushions

Take the beautiful blue hue outdoors as well. Add blue cushions to your patio set for a vibrant feel that adds to your outdoor appeal. Pair the blue cushion hues with matching umbrella for a beautiful touch. This looks best on dark tone patio sets as it causes the color to truly stand out. 

A touch of blue can be fun, especially if you are working with a soft color palette. Add blue cushions to your dining table for a little-hidden twist that you will enjoy. They are easy to pair with other colors and will bring a vibrant take on a neutral dining table.

Touch of Vintage

If you have a neutral or white toned kitchen a blue island could be exactly what you need. Take a statement shade of blue and paint your island that color. It will bring the entire focus to that specific space in the kitchen. Which in return will make your kitchen appear larger and more put together. 

One aspect the color blue is known for is having a vintage feel, especially if it is a lighter shade of blue. There is something very diner like when you use blue in your kitchen. Not only can it be used on your kitchen cabinets as stated above, but you can also use it for your kitchen island as well. Having a blue kitchen island will add a pop of color right where you need it.

Mix and Match

Do not be afraid of navy blue hues. In fact, navy blue works very well in any room as it is the perfect rich shade to provide elegance while still being softer than the color black. Pair navy blue walls with orange chairs for a beautiful modern contrast. When working with this contrast the brighter the orange shade the better. 

To many individuals, the color blue is considered a statement color. However, we consider it a “works well with an extensive amount of colors” type of color. The reason for this is blue can work well with almost every color in the palette including statement colors such as orange. Blue works beautifully when mixed with orange because it makes the orange shade stand out even more. Mix and match your shades of blue with accent shades of orange for a pop of boldness that does not change the look of your home instead it enhances it.

French Glamour

Powder blue walls paired with gray accents are great for a glamorous twist that is still modern and subtle. Mix and match darker shades of gray and pair it with deeper shades of blue. Doing so will enhance the appeal of these two tones together. If you have extra room add a blue bench for a pop of color.

That’s right the color blue can also be glamorous. Pair powder blues with beige or gray to add a French twist in any room. This works especially well in a bedroom. The reason being when paired with soft neutral shades it creates a relaxing space that also feels rich and glamorous. Add a blue sitting bench to your bedroom for an extra dose of blue.

Cheerful Walls

Bold walls make a huge difference in any area that they are placed in. If you really want to make a bold statement consider using a similar hue all over the space with your furniture. Contemplate having blue couches, accent chairs, and/or stools to bring the entire decor together.

Go bold or go home when you are decorating with blue hues. Add a vibrant shade to a darker room to create a modern take. Consider turquoise walls paired with dark tones. This will add a cheerful wall into the space, giving you a focal point right on your walls.

Just a Hint

Bleu sofas are refreshing. They are soft to look at while still commanding the space. They provide an elegant feel that is still very feminine. Choose a darker shade for a bold pop of color and a lighter shade for a subtle twist that is not so subtle at all. The different shades of blue will give your room a twist of color your guests may not be expecting. 

A blue sofa is the perfect hint of blue any room could use. It takes a classic color and makes it the main focus of the room. Pair it with boldly patterned cushions for a modern feel or pair it with neutral tones for a classic look that is still fun and memorable.

Beachy Elegance

Your dining table does not need to be large for the blue chairs to make an impact. Regardless of the size of the table bleu chairs make a huge impact where they are placed as it completely calls the attention of anyone who enters the room. When working with light-toned tables lighter shades of blue work best as it doesn’t overpower the table.

Many homeowners like the idea of decorating with shades of blue because it has a beach or nautical feel to it. Add a beachy vibe to your dining room by changing your chairs and getting blue ones. Blue dining table, chairs are the perfect addition to any simple table. It gives an elegant yet classic appeal.

Decorating with blue hues adds a little something extra to any bedroom. Let us know in the comments below how you plan on adding rich blue hues to your home.


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