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Bathroom Paint Colors That Always Look Fresh and Clean

Painting any area of your home can give you the perfect upgrade in a simple step. It can upgrade even a beige old tiled bathroom. Regardless if you are working with one bathroom or two or even a master bath suite giving it a new paint job could be just what it needs. Give your bathroom a lively, fresh new look with these pre-approved colors that are sure to revamp your style. The following 10 bathroom paint colors are a must when you are updating your bathroom space.

Grayish Blue

Combine your grayish blue walls with dark tone furniture for a classic look that works well with any other decor you may have. Add silver tones to bring out the gray tone in your grayish blue hue. 

Most people when they look at upgrading your bathroom their very first thought would be to create a personal oasis. They are not alone, most of us want to create a relaxing atmosphere that is simply for us and in our very own home. In order to do just that paint your walls an icy, pastel blue with gray undertones. The softness of this color will give your spa vibes right in the comfort of your own home.


Black is not only edgy it is also elegant. Paint your walls completely black and have only white furniture in your bathroom to have a beautiful contrast. You can also choose to have colorful plants as well.

Dark hues in the bathroom may seem like the complete opposite of a relaxing time. However, it can be exactly what your bathroom needs.  Black adds an edgy feel which gives your white tiles and décor a perfect contrast. Creating an edgier space with a twist of relaxation.

Powder Blue

Powder blue creates the ultimate relaxing oasis. There is something about have such a beautiful shade of blue become part of your bathroom space. You will feel as if you have been transferred to the most peaceful hotel.

Your walls aren’t the only space that can use color in your bathroom. If you are hesitant about adding color to your wall add a powder blue cabinet in the space instead. Powder blue is fresh and soft while still being relaxed. This color is great when you want to create an oasis feel that is clean and crisp all at the same time.


Match your black ceiling with black tiles for the ultimate matching space. Keep the rest of the bathroom white or neutral for an edgy space that is cool and modern as well.

Wallpapered bathrooms deserve a quick upgrade as well. Instead of changing up your wallpaper, paint your ceiling instead. Choose a bold, dark blue such as navy or blue for a powerful impact that will make the room appear larger all while giving the space a quick upgrade. When choosing a blue hue choose a color with a slick, sheen think of a pot of ink. You want the sheen for an overall elegance to the space.

Pastel Gray

Pastel gray screams vintage appeal. Add a vintage bathtub to the space to complete the look. Just because it is gray does not mean that it needs to be boring. In fact, it can be the complete opposite. With gray hues, you can create intricate wall patterns that are the same tone or a shade darker.

There is a reason why most bathrooms are a pastel tone. One of the main reasons being they are soft and calming while still providing color. Pastel gray is one of those hues. It is soft while not being white or beige. Invest in a few colorful pieces such as colorful hand towels or even a colorful cabinet to offset the color and bring it all together.


If plain nautical blue walls doesn’t catch your attention consider getting a tile painting pattern instead. This will create an intricate appeal that is not completely tile. In fact, it is painted on the wall instead. This pattern can also be achieved with wallpaper.

A watery blue is a perfect hue when you want to add color and bring the vacation vibes straight to your bathroom. This color brings the feeling of crashing waves or laying by the pool. A nautical blue does not need to be paired with anything nautical related in the room. Consider using the shade as the main focal point in the room while keeping the rest of the space neutral.


Taupe is a powerful color. It will make a statement anywhere it is placed. Keep the bathroom neutral and with minimal items in order to give the color its maximum potential of being the focal point.

Taupe has not only won the “color of the year” award, but it has also become the color to have in your home. The grayish brown hue of gray is a loved color because of its versatility. There is something very versatile of having a taupe color in your bathroom. It is also a step away from pastels while still not being as bold a using an ebony shade.

Crisp White

To a crisp white bathroom, you want to add fresh flowers to the space in order to create the calming space you need. Fresh flowers add an extra layer of decor and beauty while still giving you the calming effect you would get from a vacation hotel.

Not off-white or beige, but crisp and clean white. The color white has always been a bathroom favorite because of the expanding effects it has in a small room. Bathrooms are notorious for being small. Therefore, having a color that will make the room appear larger is always a good idea. Pair your crisp white walls with multiple different mirrors for an even larger living space appearance.

Mint Green

Mint green may seem like the last color you may want in your bathroom but it’s quite the contrary. Mint green is a beautiful color to incorporate into your bathroom. It brings out the neutral tones you may have as well as give your bathroom a contemporary look.

Green tends to run under the radar when it comes to being a color to use. However, mint green is as cool as it gets. The color mint can practically be used anywhere in the home. It is easy to decorate with and it is calming to look at. This hue is especially great at bringing a cooling effect to a rather sunny and warm room. If you have a bathroom with multiple different windows that tend to attract a lot of sunlight this may be the perfect upgrade for you.


Consider the color charcoal one shade lighter than black. Therefore, if you are hesitant about having black walls in your bathroom but want to have dark walls charcoal is the way to go. Its the perfect deep, rich color.

The perfect blend between taupe and black is the color charcoal. Charcoal is elegant while being bold and even giving hints of vintage. This color is perfect when you want your walls to be the center of attention in your bathroom. The boldness paired with different metallic tones as well as multiple different decorations create the perfect space.

Do not hesitate to give your bathroom a new upgrade by using one of these colors. Let us know below which hue you will be using in your bathroom or which two colors have caught your attention the most.



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