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Nursery Trends for The Modern Parent

For decades decorating, your nursery has been done pretty routine like, almost in a uniformed manner- if it’s a baby boy hues of blue or green are used, while if it’s a girl shades of pink, white, and pastels are displayed. This year there has been a bit of a change, more and more parents are becoming inclined to have a gender-neutral room. Having a gender-neutral room is not only on trend but its quite the modern accent. While not all of these are gender-neutral they sure are modern. Here is a guide on nursery trends that are perfect for the modern expecting parent.

Plaid Please

Allow your nursery to have a bold statement by adding a plaid statement wall. Doing so brings the focus right when and where you need it.

Plaid is one of those prints that just feels cool and modern in a room regardless of what you add to it. Think of it as a neutral pattern that works well in any space. Furthermore, plaid is quite a cozy focal point. Pair with chic wall décor, and fun pieces that make the room feel grand. You want the room to come together while being the main accent piece on the wall.

Boho Hippie

Add a wood wall for an elevated rustic look that feels grand to the room while still being warm and chic.

Boho and farmhouse décor got a whole lot more fun, by fun we mean hipper. Farmhouse décor has become a top contender when it comes to decorating any space in the home, so it makes sense to add a rustic aesthetic in your nursery as well. The key is taking it a step further and going Boho hippie chic. Add layers of white, natural wood, paired with black, gray and navy to take classic rustic trends up a notch.

Give it a Natural Twist

Keep the room romantic and organic by adding different size plants and leafy greenery to the room.

Organic accents and natural greenery as part of home décor has increased greatly. It’s become one of the most sought-after decorating styles, not only that, but it’s quite gender neutral as well. Think natural woods, large leafy wallpaper, chic plants and an array of fun bits that feel natural to the room. The idea is to make the room feel natural, cohesive and aesthetically pleasing without taking away from your overall décor.

Vintage Florals

For a vintage twist to your florals add a neutral or two and pair with a darker hue for that contrasting effect that enhances the space.

We know gender neutral nurseries are not for everyone, so we wanted to add a modern nursery that is designed towards a baby girl. That is where vintage florals come into play. When we first hear the word “vintage” we might not think modern but vintage elements are coming in back on trend quite strongly. The idea is to bring a floral display that feels dainty and sweet, but with just the right amount of uniqueness weaved into it. Add hues of navy for a less “girly” look and a more modern feminine appeal.

Enchant Them

Bring on a 3D effect by having a painted mural. Murals bring a multi-dimensional effect to any decorative display.

Give your new baby a twist of creativity and imagination by engulfing them in an enchanting charming forest. We love the idea of having a themed nursery. It’s not only fun, but it allows you to bring a new style to life while still bringing something different to your nursery. You want to bring charm with a whimsical touch that embodies the entire room, making the space have it’s very own fairy tale feel. Contemplate having as many whimsical touches as you can.

Minimal Crib

Go for a grand sleek crib for the perfect, minimal display that still has that modern aesthetic.

We all know the crib is the main focus of a room, but this time around the crib is going the minimal route. Instead of having an extravagant crib that consumes the room, you want to go simple. The simpler the room the better. It’s all about bringing the room back to life while having your décor circle around the idea of this minimalistic crib. Furthermore, make the room come back to life by adding whimsical pieces surrounding the crib, pieces that feel warm and illuminated.

Comfort is Key

Layer multiple rugs to make the room feel grander and cozier all at once.

A nursery should be more than just chic, it should feel grand yet be as comforting for the mom and the baby as possible. Add a rug, a cozy blanket, and a rocking chair to maximize the room and bring as much comfort as possible. Additionally, you want to consider having a softer palette to ensure comfort is displayed and felt. Ensure the room is well organized for that seamless look that oozes luxury and ease.

Keep it Personal

Apply a 3D display to make the room as bold as possible for the ultimate display that brightens the room overall

If your baby has a name already, you want to take full advantage of it and personalize the room with their name. Creating a display with their name brings you a step closer to truly feeling like a parent, particularly if it’s your first time having a baby. Furthermore, you want to weave in your child’s initials into your décor for the ultimate personalized display.

Whimsical Lighting

Pair your string lights with other fuzzy bits to make the room feel as charming as possible.

Lighting in a baby’s room should feel whimsical, you want a softer light. For a whimsical touch consider having string lights paired with a chandelier. Having both will create that charming, whimsical approach that is beautiful and cozy. Nevertheless, the warmer your lighting is the better and softer the room will appear. Pair with fun pastels to complete the look in an overall manner.

Oversized Animal Portraits

Add other fuzzy animals in the room to complete the cozy, cute look

In this idea, bigger is better. Cute animal images paired with fuzzy bits make the perfect pairing for a kid’s bedroom. Think of them as the perfect accent bit to any room. Animal portraits work well because of how versatile they are, they can be used in either a nursery designated for boys or girls. Additionally, they will remain seamless in the room while your baby continues to grow.

How will you design your baby’s nursery? Share with us your ideas below.


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