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Enchanting Ways To Transform Your Living Room With Color

When it comes to color and incorporating it in your décor, the possibilities are truly endless. Think of your living room as a blank canvas that allows you to transform it into whatever you would like with the simple use of living room paint colors. With that being said, here are enchanting ways to transform your living room with color.

Blue & Yellow

Choose one color as part of your living room color scheme and emphasize it, then you want to add hints of the color hue for the perfect blend.

When you bring two powerhouse colors such as blue and yellow you are bound to get an array of beautiful colors perfectly blended together. Featuring a blue and yellow color palette would be an excellent addition. Furthermore, select one of the hues and make it the main focus of the room and allow the other one to be the seamless additional color.

Turquoise & Purple

When in doubt consider bold blue curtains. Curtains are a great way of bringing color, the key is incorporating hues of purple with bold chairs.

While this might seem like a unique pairing it is an intriguing pairing that makes sense once you see it all together. This pairing brings a vibrant yet playful vibe that is chic and charming. The idea is to have this pairing become the main staple of the room.

Pops of Yellow

When adding pops of yellow to a room, consider going the bold route by having a large element in the bold hue.

The minute you decide to bring pops of color to a room is the moment you are prepared to bring beauty and playfulness to your living room- the best way to do this is by having a living room color scheme. When selecting your color scheme, you want to always take pops of yellow as an option, particularly when you’re working with neutrals.

Orange & Blue

Whether you are a fan of blue or orange having them together is an excellent way of bringing beauty and uniqueness to a space. Think of them as the retro colors of the rainbow when they’re paired together.

If you have reached this far into our post then you have noticed that blue is a big feature, this is due to how versatile the color truly is. Bring colors such as orange and blend them with multiple shades of blue for a cohesive, almost antique kind of feeling to the room.

Pink & Beige

Add darker hues when you are working with shades of pink and beige in order to create a cohesive palette that does not scream “feminine decor.”

For a feminine touch bring in soft hues of pink. In order to further push the feminine aesthetics pair your hues of pink with neutral bits of beige. Beige is a wonderful shade to incorporate because of how easy it is to use in a room, especially when it is flowing in a seamless manner with hints of a darker color.

Red & Shades of Blue

If you truly want to embrace the color palette, pick a hue and paint your ceiling that color, doing so will bring a new kind of dimension to the room.

We love how daring red is as a color in general; therefore, it makes sense to blend it in with an abundance of other colors such as blue. As stated previously, blue is such a flexible color that when it is blended with red it brings on new life.

Pink and Green

If you want to bring spring to your decor, green walls is the way to go. Add hints of pink throughout to bring a feminine feel right into your spring vibe.

The combination of pink and green is the perfect way of bringing a retro vibe while being full of personality. There’s something about this color pairing that brings the room back to life with little to no color breakage. Choose lighter shades of pink for a subtle contrast, while a bright pink for a daring contrasting appeal.

Beige & Pops of Color

When you want to add pops of color consider bright hues such as red, orange or even green. These hues will brighten the room the most while still working well with the beige hue.

When you’re working with neutrals adding pops of color is the way to go. Beige is such a versatile color that it makes sense to bring beauty to the room with it yet allow the pops of color to come at an abundant rate. When adding pops of color go for a daring manner.

Green & Fuchsia

Choose one of the colors and blend it in, in a bold manner, then allow the other hue to work as the accent bit.

While green might not seem like a color that plays well with others, it’s actually quite exceptional when it is blended with fuchsia. Fuchsia is a great way of bringing a bold, feminine appeal while being daring and beautiful. Add a fuchsia in a bold manner for the perfect pairing.

White & Red

Red and white is such a retro combination that it works beautifully when you add a unique light fixture into the mix. The idea is to have it all laid out in a cohesive manner.

For a retro vibe red and white is the way to go. The idea is to have a bold color that breaks apart from how stark white can be. Furthermore, this is a great way of adding a contemporary vibe.

Time to transform your living room and bring on the color. What color scheme is your favorite?


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