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Top Taupe Paints for Your Kitchen Cabinets

The color you select for your cabinetry sets the tone for the décor you will be using in your kitchen space. We’ve written articles on tips and color options that will best suit your kitchen space. Whether you are a fan of an all-white kitchen or you enjoy darker cabinets, chances are we have something for you. However, this time we are talking about an all-time favorite: the color taupe. Just like the color white, the color taupe brings an elegant appeal to the kitchen in a simple manner that is not overpowering. Here are our top, taupe paints for your kitchen cabinets.

Indian River 985 – Benjamin Moore

This shade of taupe is an eye-catching favorite for many because of how well it appears to work together with other hues. The idea is to make this taupe shade the center of attention in your kitchen. Use it as the staple shade for a grander appeal.

This beautiful shade of taupe works perfectly for a kitchen that centers around the color. The color is best used on the cabinetry and the island. You want to create a cohesive look that this seamless. Doing so will expand the size of the kitchen and give it an elegant, charm. Because the color is so cool and soft it does not overwhelm the kitchen. In fact, if you would like to add a bold touch this color would be perfect as a contrasting hue.

Smokey Taupe 983 – Benjamin Moore

This lighter shade of taupe is perfect for your kitchen island as it allows you to use darker shades around it. It is also an excellent contrasting shade. Therefore, it will work seamlessly with other taupe shades or other bold shades. The slight red undertones are not as visible when you use white shades or beige shades as complimentary colors. 

This shade of taupe offers a warmer feel than the Indian River would. The reason behind this is that it has a hint of red undertone. Red undertones add a richer feel to the shade while still being in the soft range of taupe. The beauty of this is that the shade blends in with other taupe hues perfectly. Therefore, you can pair a few shades of taupe together with a slight difference in them. This shade is best used on kitchen islands or on a wet bar.

York Gray – CW45 – Benjamin Moore

Mix different hues of taupe for the perfect outcome with this shade. You can consider this hue the perfect power player. It is powerful without being overwhelming to the space. This color will make all your guests ask you what shade you are using in your kitchen.

When you first read the name of this paint shade you may think “but it says gray”. This shade has a hint of gray and yellow undertones just a slight hint, but it is enough to create a softer shade of taupe. The hue is charming while still having that taupe feel that blends in perfectly in the kitchen. It is also a color that commands your attention. Therefore, using it on your cabinets will work best for this shade.

Temperate Taupe – Sherwin Williams SW6037

The grayish/grown undertones in this hue work well to bring everything together. If you want a gray base color in your kitchen this is the perfect taupe shade for you. Pair it with marble for a classic appeal. Or pair it with a bold hue such as blue for a contemporary twist.

This richer, bolder shade of taupe is perfect when you want to add a bolder hue to your kitchen while still remaining in the taupe family. This particular shade of taupe has a grayish/brown undertone that stands out from most. Therefore, we recommend using it as a statement color or as a daring pop of color in the kitchen.

Truly Taupe – Sherwin Williams SW6038

The lavender undertones in this shade are perfect when including darker hues in the kitchen. Doing so will brighten up the darker hues while still providing the richness the color taupe is well known for. You can use this shade as part of your kitchen cabinets or mix and match the shade with other hues on your kitchen island. 

Just like the name says, “truly taupe” is the perfect definition of a taupe. This particular hue has an undertone of lavender. This shade is perfect all over the home. In fact, we would recommend working with it not only as part of your cabinetry but also as part of your main décor shade throughout your home. The shade will brighten up the kitchen with a hint of subtle color.

Joa’s White 226 – Farrow & Ball

The contemporary hue has a feminine feel to it which is great when you want to soften the look of other hues in the kitchen. Once you put this color in the kitchen you want to work around it. Therefore, this shade should be the main focal color of the kitchen space for the best outcome.

If you want a contemporary yet fun hue of taupe look no further. This shade is perfectly modern in an amazing way. The color plays well with any other hues and it adds that modern feel into the space with little to no effort. To can have the ultimate traditional kitchen and then add this hue of taupe and the entire space will just take a modern feel to it.

Dimity 2008 – Farrow & Ball

Don’t confuse this shade with white or beige. Although, it is light it does have a red undertone to it. Therefore, the shade has a rich taupe feel to it without the taupe aspect of it. This happens to be one of the most popular taupe shades because of how light it is. Additionally, because it is taupe but resembles the perfect blend of white and beige.

The true definition of the light hue of taupe you can come across. This shade of taupe is almost white. Its red undertone adds a warmth to it that is so subtle it makes it charming. The charming aspect of it is that the shade feels and looks like cotton. It’s the perfect subtle, rich shade that just feels like home.

Oxford Stone 264 – Farrow & Ball

The creaminess feel of this hue is great and it works best matte. We do not recommend using this hue in a glossy finish as it will take away from the creaminess of the shade. The red undertones are very light. Therefore, they are not as obvious as they would be with other taupe shades. This is also one of those shades you want to use all over your kitchen. 

A darker hue of taupe is also nice when you are selecting shades of taupe for your kitchen. The idea is to create a contrasting hue throughout your kitchen that will brighten up the space. Brighten up the area while having different shades of taupe will work well in a smaller kitchen as it will make the kitchen appear larger than what it is. This is another red based taupe shade that is warm throughout.

Poised Taupe 6039 – Sherwin Williams

Poised taupe is beautiful on its own and paired with other lighter or darker hues. It is one of those shades that allow you to work around it instead of having to be the statement color. This color is perfect when you are working with an open floor plan kitchen. It gives the kitchen a grander effect. 

Poised taupe is the perfect vintage shade. At first, you may take a glance at it and think “this shade is a bit too dark”. However, that is the beauty of this hue. It works like a chameleon the color will change depending on what you pair it with. If you pair it with darker hues the color will take a bolder feel. However, if you use lighter décor pieces it will appear lighter. It’s the perfect color to work around.

French Taupe 120E-2 – Behr

The beigey taupe hue is perfect for an understated cabinet look. Pair it with white hues or even black for the ultimate put together look. You can even add bolder colors such as red, blue or yellow for the ultimate contrast between the two. You can even have the colors be a part of the decor you currently have.

The perfect shade of taupe is here. We saved the best for last this shade of taupe is great regardless of the theme you may have going on in the kitchen. The color just flows perfectly throughout the space. This shade will brighten your kitchen, even if you use it as a highlight color, this hue will do the trick.

Taupe is an extremely underrated color. Which of these shades do you want to incorporate into your kitchen? Please let us know in the comments below.


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