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Taupe Rooms That Are Anything But Boring

When you are working with a neutral hue such as taupe it’s a different ball game. Taupe is a blend of rich browns and grays paired with an abundance of decadent undertones such as orange, blue, purple and even red allowing it to become one of those unique shades that work well with most if not all decorative colors. We have put together a guide to help you fall in love with the rich appeal of taupe shades.

Serene Bathroom

To further emphasize your serene taupe approach consider using multiple shades for a contrasting appeal that brings a romantic touch to the room.

When it comes to bathrooms most of us immediately think of soft hues that bring some sort of peaceful moment, particularly if you are working on decorating your master bath. For a chic twist on serenity, taupe is the color for you. Taupe walls paired with crisp white elements is one of the best ways to embrace your home in a cool and collective manner.

Taupe Seating

When in doubt consider a tufted accent chair. The chair itself will bring color and texture yet work seamlessly into the decor you already have.

Oh, how we all love a good tufted lounge chair but have you ever considered a taupe one? If not, it is time to do so. A tufted taupe accent chair paired with colorful elements is the perfect way to bring a twist on chic minimal color.

Outdoor Decking

Taupe comes in numerous colors so much so that we love the idea of having the lightest hue of it and using it in a bold manner for a large focal point that does not take away from the overall style of your deck.

If you have a wooden outdoor deck take taupe into consideration. It’s a beautiful hue that complements wood beautifully while still being grand and daring in its own kind of way. Pair with similar colors to bring overall aesthetics.

Bring it to the Kitchen

If you want to have an entire taupe kitchen, we recommend using blond wood as part of your flooring for a seamless look that screams modern but is very much elegant.

Whether you have a large or small kitchen, having elements in shades of taupe is a great way to have a neutral hue that has an abundance of character to it. Due to how many different undertones there are under the taupe umbrella you have a vast selection of products to choose from. A taupe kitchen island will bring a put together aesthetic that is easy on the eye yet modern.

Chic Curtains

Add pastel color to keep the taupe momentum going while still having bits of color breaks throughout the room.

Many of us have curtains with the purpose of shielding the sunlight. However, all lovers of home décor know curtains make excellent decorative pieces, mainly due to how easy they are to incorporate at any given moment. Add taupe curtains and pair it with a similar hue rug to bring a seamless touch right where you need it.

Taupe Walls

Add white trim to your taupe walls for a blended approach that has a brightening effect. Pair with other taupe bits to bring it all together.

We love the mysterious aesthetics taupe walls bring to a room, not only will the room have a cozy appeal, but it will feel somewhat vintage on its own. Mix it with contemporary pieces for a blend that is uniquely perfect for the room.

Dining Room

For a rustic approach add a wood table and pair them with taupe chairs. The wood will bring a classic farmhouse aesthetics that is felt throughout.

Your dining room deserves to be a statement in your home, that is when a taupe shade comes into play. Add a taupe wall or taupe chairs and pair them with metallic bits to counteract the taupe hues you have and add a modern twist.

Taupe Sofa

Throw pillows are excellent additional decor, they bring life and beauty to the room

Taupe is such a versatile color that it will work well in any type of room, especially in the living room. A taupe sofa is great for adding a unique neutral that has its very own character. Use lighter hues of taupe for an easy to work with a decorative element.

Accents of Taupe

If you are using dark colors a taupe accent color could be just what you need. Its the elevated neutral we all need added in any room.

If you are not fond of using the color as a main staple in the room, consider having accents of taupe throughout instead. The idea is to have taupe blend seamlessly throughout the room with a unique approach of diversity and color.

Pair with Color

Add jewel tones for a beautiful contrast that brightens the room yet flows well with your hues of taupe.

Color is perfect to bring forth the rich undertones that taupe has overall. Add hues of red, orange, blue or even yellow to allow those unique bits to shine through while enhancing the space over.

Have you used taupe in your home? Share with us below how you incorporate taupe into your decorating style.


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