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Best Hues To Use In Small Spaces

Just because you have a smaller room doesn’t mean you need to stick to neutral hues or only use certain shades. Do not feel the need to be closed off to what you can work in a smaller area. The key is knowing what shades to use and how to distribute the materials that you already have so the room never feels small, it feels dainty and fresh. To bring character and appeal to a room its important to use color and diversity while consuming it with character and style. The following ideas are the best shades to use in smaller spaces.

Blueberry Blue

When it comes to using a blueberry hue consider going bold with other elements in other blue shades.

This shade isn’t only beautiful, but it’s a personality striking hue. What this means is, this particular color is not for the faint of heart. It’s bolder than a traditional navy blue yet it also has a softness that oozes from it. This hue is perfect for those that want to bring in a shade that will make a statement without taking away from what the room has to offer. It’s all about bringing contrast, if you paint a smaller room, dark shade and pair it with lighter décor it will create the illusion of a bigger room instantly.


Work with natural elements to fully embrace how dark the room is while breaking it down slowly.

Not entirely black, but onyx. A hue so close to the daring shade that you can hardly tell the difference. Onyx works due to how daring it is when it is contrasted with other hues that brighten the room. There’s a sense of velvet that comes from this particular shade. It will appear almost as if your walls are multidimensional. If you decide to use onyx material, consider going for an onyx sofa and making it the statement the room needs to come to life.

Multidimensional Pink

Whether you use a pastel shade, work with magenta bits or blend both, you can create a bold appeal that makes the room come to life.

Such a feminine hue might seem counter-intuitive, but it’s quite the opposite. The hue itself has a hint of glow that will make any room feel warm and sleek. While it is feminine and charming it is also fun. It’s all about making the room come to life in general. You will get the most out of the room when you work such a chic hue and blend it with a textured bit or even shades of black.

Pale Gray

Bring in a textured touch to make the room feel a unique appeal that has character in general.

Okay, okay, while we did say shades of white were a given to use, and we would rarely mention them here as there primary colors that everyone will have to use in any room. Pale gray isn’t white it’s the perfect blend between having hints of white and elevating the hue with just a dash of gray. The hue, itself is not only modern but its charm allows you to work it into any room, brighten the space up seamlessly and right away feel the room expand right in front of your eyes.


Whether you work with a lighter hue of rust or a darker one it’s up to you. Just make sure it works with whatever you already have.

When it comes to using shades of red in a room, it can be a bit intimidating, but it doesn’t have to do. Rust is the perfect in-between shade, it’s not exactly red, but it’s not orange either. It’s one of those shades that will instantly make a statement without going overboard. Work with rust items when you want a twist in the room. The hue itself will bring a bold twist that makes the room have a bold focal point.


The bolder the shade of yellow the better! It’s all about creating a contrasting appeal that brightens the room overall.

As for having a yellow element, it doesn’t matter the shade, or how light or dark it is. What’s important is how bold the contrast will be. If you have a mainly neutral twist, a daring yellow hue is perfect. Whereas, if you already have bold hues in the room, a softer shade of yellow will do. Having a contrast will instantly allow you to give the room a visual break where you need it most. It’s all about making a visual display that enhances the room overall.


Use a variety of salmon shades to truly enhance the room’s natural authentic appeal.

This hue tends to flow under the radar, but it flows exceptionally well in any room. Salmon is bold and daring with just a hint of femininity that makes sense. Think of it as the perfect way to bring a stark hue that allows you to embrace the room and any other shade that you have. It’s one of the best hues when you want to blend a bold shade that makes the room feel fresh. Due to the shade being bold itself, it can make any area of the room feel new and sleek.

Shades of Nude

Working with neutral hues will enhance the room’s natural aesthetic, while still being chic and charming.

When it comes to using nude consider using for an array of shades. Having multiple shades of nude will instantly create a multidimensional feel that is very chic. It’s almost as if you are bringing different shades of the same hue and allowing it to make a statement on its own and apart. Work shades that are similar to beige and work from there to make a huge statement when and where you like it best. Pair it with bold shades such as yellow and allow it to sit back and absorb the room overall.


Work with as much lighter shade’s as possible to make the room feel as grand as possible.

Yes! You read that correctly, lavender is a hue that will work particularly well in a small space. Due to how versatile the shade is you are almost guaranteed to have a luxurious touch to any room. Bring in hints of gray, beige and navy for a perplexing contrast that makes the room have a bold focus. Work your lavender shades paired with other similar hues to brighten the room overall. Furthermore, you want to ensure your lavender bits truly create that feminine feel that works the room in general.

Dark is best

Add a lighter hue here and there when you want to brighten up your darker hues in the room

Though this might seem contradicting, darker shades work best, as they blur the lines within corners. It’s all about creating a seamless vibe that makes the room feel less cluttered and more open. Furthermore, bringing dark shade that has character will instantly revitalize the room. It’s all about daring the room to be different overall. Keep the room with little to no décor so you don’t overpower it, but you do want to make sure the space has character everywhere.

How do you decorate your small room? Share with us below.


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