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Toilet and Bidet with floral patterns from Art Ceram

art ceram toilet bidet flower patterns Toilet and Bidet with floral patterns from Art Ceram
Geometric toilets and bidets are given a splash of feminine beauty with the new floral patterns from Art Ceram. A new addition to the La Fontana contemporary bathroom collection, these new florals by Sandro Meneghello add a graphic elegance to modernist fixtures. Designed as a set, a single image is stretched across both the toilet and the bidet. Each pattern starts with a close up detailed image of the delicate flower in bloom, before transforming into an electrifying streak of intense colour. Available in three brilliant designs, Meneghello captures the natural beauty of orchids and roses in bold violet, warm yellows and neutral greys. A new example of modern decorative style, the Art Ceram Toilet and Bidet with floral patterns adds a soft edge to minimalist designs.



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